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A+ Book List for Writers

Book reviews sometimes get few views. I created A+ Book Reviews as a place for reviewers to share their reviews again to get more traffic.

Want to include your book review blog to the link list? Simply fill out the form below. Please understand that it may take a bit of time to add you to the list.

To be included (and kept on the list ongoing):

  • Your website/blog needs to primarily be about books. Of course, not every post needs to be book-related evidenced by at least 10 book reviews already posted.
  • Your blog should be more than 3 months in existence.
  • You need to be actively posting book reviews.
  • Your blog needs to have a clear submission guidelines page and tab IF you accept reviews and your page should explain how an author can submit their book to you.
  • You may, but do not have to review indie or traditionally published books submitted by the author without cost to the author. You may be reviewing what you read for pleasure.
  • You should have at least 100 current followers/subscribers/mailing list members on/attached to the submitted blog.

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Memoirs & Biographies



Link Post Party to get more viewers

  • The theme will vary from week to week starting on Thursdays.
  • Write your review and post a link to my blog.
  • Feel free to use the A+ icon.
  • Each week, in addition to your link, I’ll feature the best reviews that I read in a post the following Thursday.

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