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Hi, my name is Marsha Ingrao and I created Always Write for us. You and me! Together learning.

If you know everything there is to know about blogging, writing, and photography, you will hate this blog! If you want to share what you know and learn from others, come on in.

Grab a cuppa coffee and sit down and visit. Blogging is my hobby, my experiment, my life changer. Welcome! Maybe, like me, blogging is your hobby. Or maybe you write books or are an amateur photographer. Join the party.

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Why Blog?

What do you want to get from your blogging experience? Bloggers are first and foremost publishers of the best content we have available to us. Blogging satisfies, motivates, and gives us opportunities to write and publish our own as well as the work of others. 

Always Write is FOR New and/or Hobby Bloggers, Writers, and Photographers

My goal for Always Write is to provide you with information that will make you a successful writer, photographer, and most of all a blogger.

Anyone else in that niche? Sure, but do they make lots of mistakes and ask a ton of stupid questions? Do they fill out forms and have to call the company to get bailed out of fixes? I’m sure they do, but will they tell you about it? Probably not!

People tell me I’m funny. I don’t know if I am or not. I laugh a lot. I’m able to laugh at myself and my mistakes. Let me help you (or laugh with me) with blogging problems, pains in photography, time management panic attacks, typos, technology bloopers, and struggles with building relationships and communities among bloggers.

Relationships Are Important to Me

This is my professional blog. I am in my fifth year of blogging. I manage five blogs and several Facebook pages. I am in the process of monetizing in 2017, so I am learning that skill. Hobby bloggers may not have an interest in selling products or services. Many monetized blogs resemble your blogs in content but connect to services that pertain to their hobbies and interests.

As Maria stated, “I don’t want to prostitute myself to companies, but I enjoy the perks of writing about what I like and making money to do it. I take my grandson all over the country on the free tickets I earn from reviewing those places.”

I’d like to promote YOU!

You can buy a space in my sidebar. I write posts about people and places I like. I link to your posts, invite you in as guests, interview you, and mention you in my posts.

Connect with me. I tell stories and share tips about time management, marketing strategies, content writing, building relationships, and solving technology problems. Most important, I’ll visit your blog and leave comments in hopes that you will do the same for me. Like Ralph‘s comment box stated, “Your comments are the best part.”

Always Write

Expectations of Always Write.

  • Blogging tips
  • Discussion Questions
  • A+ Interviews
  • A+ Book Reviews
  • Reference links – photo challenges, books, and other topics as you ask questions
  • Photo Challenges

Why Include Travel or Community Posts In a Blog about Blogging and Writing?

“Did you say, Photo Challenges, Marsha? Isn’t that too personal for a Problogger?”

Last I checked there’s no law about what I post on Always Write. Like you, I am the publisher of my blog.

The business of Always Write is to support you, mostly hobby bloggers, writers, and photographers. Bloggers blog for many reasons. Some want to build their business. However, most bloggers are hobby bloggers like I am.

First and foremost, I am a teacher. Yes, I retired, but I still love teaching. Teachers know that the best way to teach and support is to model what we teach. For that reason, I will sometimes post my photo challenges on Always Write.  

Like my friends Terri, Sylvia, Carol, Cee, Jo, Jennifer, and Yvette I recommend that hobby bloggers take part in photo challenges to for several reasons.

  • Photo challenges improve their photography. Blogging is not effective without pictures – either artwork, photographs or infographics.
  • Secondly, photo challenges bring traffic to your blog without having to go to the work of marketing your blog as professional bloggers do. You meet people who have similar interests to you.
  • Finally, writing to photo challenges helps you structure your article and assures you that at least the challenge host will read your post.  Hopefully, some of the participants will too.

More than a law about what to blog, I enjoy writing to photo challenges. I hope you will enjoy these posts about my Australia trip where I went to visit two of my favorite bloggers since I started, Leanne Cole and Carol, the Eternal Traveller.

So You Know

I’ve published two books.  

Fiction is still on my bucket list. I have written, but not published two NaNoWriMo novels:

  • Girls on Fire, a fiction novel about three women in their 50s and 60s who are looking for new love and a change in life.
  • Winning Jenny’s Smile, a middle school fiction about Jenny’s first months in a new school.

A few poems, magazine and journal articles crop up from time to time in various publications.


  • Amy wrote: I’m a writer first, for stage and screen, educator second, and a makeup artist for a large retailer when the former endeavors don’t pay well. That last one makes me want to throw myself off an overpass. I have trouble finding levity in my life and the energy to always write. It’s so inspiring to read this. Thank you for this little piece of enthusiasm. It has realigned my day. x

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Making friends

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