Susan Hunter Mysteries the Modern Nancy Drew

Female sleuths like the heroine of the Susan Hunter Mysteries appeal to women who cut their teeth on Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon. Susan Hunter Mysteries make being awkward cute and solving mysteries sexy. They are fun and easy to read.

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Susan Hunter Mysteries

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I love a good mystery, and these Eastern/Midwestern setting, Susan Hunter mysteries are all fun and “easy breezy” reading and the author is a blogger friend of mine.  I’m writing one post about several of these books because they are like Castle or Bones, two of my favorite TV series. The characters stay the same, but the crime changes.

Susan Huntery Mysteries

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What Makes the Susan Hunter Mysteries Fun?

The author, Maddie Cochere has a website and Gravatar which introduce us to her adorably lovable protagonist, Susan Hunter.  If Legally Blond had not already been written and produced, I think Maddie could have written the script.

While Susan is blond, we readers don’t know whether she’s legal or not, but the assumption is that she is striking both on and off the racquetball court.  By the way, for those non-players like me, who have trouble spelling, what’s with the cqu, for heaven’s sake?  What’s wrong with “racket” being spelled “racket.”

Susan shops for name brand clothes without having a name brand type job, eats fattening foods without getting pudgy, plays racquetball better than any male without threatening anyone’s manhood, seldom cries when she gets hurt, attracts every man she meets in a town the size of New York City, and doesn’t have sex with her boyfriend in the first two books.

What makes tight-muscled Susan Hunter bearable is that she is unbelievably clumsy. She falls in the mud, dives into the ocean and one breast pops out, has a pitcher of beer spilled down the front of her name brand name blouse without getting mad, and gets her tennis shoe (with her foot in it) caught in the mouth of a shark. Oh yes, and she helps catch bad guys (not gals), too.

The Susan Hunter Mysteries Make Great Gifts for Pre-teens

So if you’re ok with all those kinds of goings on – even if you are 60+, give Susan Hunter mysteries a try.  I bought four of Maddie’s books for my Kindle, and I’ve breezed through them all. If you want to buy something for the young adult women in your family that isn’t filled with bad language and graphic sex scenes, then I recommend Maddie’s Susan Hunter series.

Susan Huntery Mysteries

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