Add Click to Tweet to Add Interest

add click to tweet happy holidays

Add Click to Tweet

“I love when bloggers add Click to Tweet boxes. Any birdbrain could think of that, Peter Problogger.”

“So what’s holding you back from using it, Amy.”

“You know technology and me, Peter.”

Add a Click to Tweet Plugin then Wait

“What happened?”

“Oh, Peter, I’m embarrassed to tell you.”

“Come on, if you are having problems with it, probably someone else is, too.”

“Well, I couldn’t get it to work.”

“Did you wait for the add click to tweet plugin to take effect?”

“How do I know? I just know I read the instructions, and I when I inserted the link, it showed up as the link instructions and not the link.

“You have to wait for the icon to appear on your WP toolbar, Amy!”

add click to tweet

Click to Tweet

“So, Peter, do I need to insert it in the text side of the post rather than the visual or did I do something wrong?”

“Hard to tell, Amy, without watching you do it. Did you write it down in your Transformational Blogging Journal?”

“No, I forgot.”

“No worries. Next time. Listen, I have Christmas shopping to do today. If you are still having problems when I come by tomorrow, I’ll sit down with you.”

“Oh, no problem, Peter. I can wait until after Christmas. I’m busy, too! It’s so great to have a live coach! ?See what D. G. Kay taught me to do?”

add Click to Tweet Christmas

So much to do, so little time!

Emoticons on your Mac! ?You are doing great, Amy.”

“Thanks, I trolled Google + to see how my social media was doing, and I found her reblog.” ?

“If you get a chance, take a look at some of these resources I found, and try again. You’ll probably have the problem solved.”

“Great, Peter. Have a wonderful Christmas!”

“You, too, Amy.” ?

add Click to Tweet Christmas

Merry Christmas, Peter Problogger.

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