Always Write Virtual Assistant Training Program for Students

Many specialized new jobs, like being a virtual assistant for bloggers, create the need for new technical training for high school students. Bloggers today are ubiquitous and most work alone all over the world. Many struggle with all the technical demands of running a website or monetizing an online business. Virtual assistants assist bloggers market with social media, create camera-ready copy, schedule and create newsletters, blog posts, process and optimize photographs and numerous other tasks that bloggers find onerous.

Currently, there is no training at Woodlake High School for the specialized skills needed by bloggers, but they do have a job shadowing program. Students at Woodlake High School in Woodlake, CA can earn 20 hours of community service hours credit per year for working with a business. In 2017 I started a program at Woodlake High School to train Virtual Assistants for bloggers and to help students learn a career they can use right away even as they attend high school. The program started with two students.

perfect virtual assistant

David and Isaiah

Goals and Accomplishments of Virtual Assistant Program

We have been working for only a few hours during the month of May, the busiest month of school. Isaiah and David have volunteered for two hours after school one to two days a week. In that time they have already finished some of the goals of the program.

  1. They learned to design with Canva. They have created banners, flyers, and changed the sizes of graphic designs to fit best in social media.
  2. They promote posts through social media using HootSuite, Buffer, and Crowdfire. They will be certificated in HootSuite before the end of their program.
  3. They have learned about affiliate marketing through Amazon and have begun to publicize that as well.
  4. They will learn how to get posts SEO ready and making other necessary changes within websites themselves.
  5. They will learn to process and optimize photos in Photoshop.
virtual assistant training

Isaiah’s first piece with Canva

perfect virtual assistant

David’s first piece with

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