short fuse3

Are you a sucker for bargains like I am? I activated a Birthday Bundle on WP. I got a free theme and installation as well as some other plugin features. Today when I checked the theme my dashboard said that the Rare Theme was up and running. Of course, I wanted to see how beautiful it looked. When I clicked Visit Site, guess what – white screen! I shot off a quick my best short fuse email to MOJO get IMMEDIATE help.

After two minutes, I had not received a reply. Then I started checking out the Theme Options. There were many pages to customize, so I did that. When I checked my site again, guess what?


Two of my favorite bloggers had written me comments, and those were visible from my blank screen -don’t get scared, I don’t always rant, but they send smile emoticons and good advice or at least sympathy my way.

My eye doctor said my fuse is getting shorter. Yeah, right. He can look at my retina pictures and see that?

“Don’t play poker,” he warned.

This morning I told my husband what he said. Want to know what sympathetic thing hubby said? (Of course you do.)

“You do get irritated more easily than you used to.”


“You’re always on the computer, and you hate being interrupted.”


After slowing down to have coffee together this morning, then helping him pull out old poppies, I snuck into the office and turned on my computer to check my website before I tacked Audacity again to edit my first podcast.

short fuse2

Quick burn!

So I’m using my fuse to enlighten you to save you from taking naive theme changes.

A Few Words of Wisdom

  1. WordPress Themes are created by different developers and all work slightly differently.
  2. Install themes you can try out. I checked out how Rare looked, but I don’t think I previewed it with my site.
  3. You might want to consider working with a website designer, but if you do, make sure you know how to work in the back end of the website, and have complete access to it. (I’m not there yet, but that’s another fuse story!)

Marsha over and out. 🙂