Let me introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers and authors, who publishes book reviews on Sundays, D.G. Gies. In addition to blogging and writing reviews on her website, https://dgkayewriter.com. Debby has written five books and is an active blogger who, like our featured author, Stevie Turner, struggled with her relationship with her mother. For anyone who has struggled with relationships with parents, both of these authors have much to offer in their memoirs.
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Debby’s Review, Waiting in the Wings

Today’s book review is on friend and author Stevie Turner’s book – Waiting in the Wings, a memoir.

I’ve read a few books of Stevie’s now and I’m am quite fond of her writing style. Stevie doesn’t hold back with her thoughts and as a memoir writer myself, I couldn’t wait to sink my eyes into this book.


At the grand old age of 92, my mother Dot suddenly starts telling me that she loves me. I am quite dumbstruck at these outbursts of emotion, as she has never mentioned the fact before in all of my 58 years. Over the entire course of my lifetime, we have often argued bitterly, and have never really seen eye-to-eye over anything. I squirm with the inner knowledge that she wants me to reply in a similar vein, but try as I might, I cannot.

The guilt I feel at being unable to grant Dot her wish is overwhelming. As Dot’s health deteriorates more towards the final chapters of her life, I take on the role of carer. I find the only way to bring her out of her perpetual misery is to reminisce on past events by showing her old family photographs, and by helping her to remember holidays and happier times. We look back without anger and sometimes with a lot of laughter, getting to know each other better, raking over the past, and talking more than we have ever done. The process helps me, a middle-aged woman, understand the perils of aging that I might one day face, and also the struggles that elderly people suffer on a day-to-day basis while stoically attempting to maintain their independence.

This is a true story, told in flashbacks and in modern-day often humorous conversations with my mother.

My 5 Star Review:

Turner’s memoir is an insightful story about a mother and daughter relationship that has moved to a new dimension. Throughout the author’s life she struggled with her relationship with her mother.

Read the rest of Debby’s review here.

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