I Review Books

I love to read as well as write. One of the reasons I started blogging was to journal the books I read so I can refer back to them and remember them. A major feat!

Very selfish, I know.

Some books I review are books about writing. Hopefully, other writers find those books helpful as well.

Even though many of the books I read are helpful to authors, I wanted to do more to serve my readers. With my website, Always Write, I wanted to create something more useful to readers than my journal of reading.

As I tried to make my site more useful to readers, I noticed two things.

  1. Lots of people review books. Some of them have more traffic than others.
  2. Indie writers now ask me to review their books.

My Reviews Include Both Indie and Traditionally Published

  1. Always Write is still classified in my mind as a hobby blog.  Even though I’m possibly working away from that, I do not charge for my reviews.
  2. Some indie writers write topics or stories that appeal to me. When I find these on Twitter, FB or in blog reading, I have volunteered to write a review for their book.
  3. When I get an email and a free book, I usually accept the requests to write reviews.
  4. So far, I’ve only read one book that I couldn’t in good conscience review on Always Write and it was Flame 3 level romantic between a shape-shifter and a human. Loved the author. I felt horrible after she sent me a free copy of her book. Honest opinions are difficult to give. But I appreciate honesty in reviews.
  5. I seek out reviews from trusted sites and reblog their indie reviews.

First, I want to support your sites with the traffic that I have.

Link Your Book Reviews Here

Book reviews sometimes get few views. Always Write created A+ Book Review Links as a place for reviewers to share their reviews again to get more traffic. If we put our traffic together, then we should get more views. Right?

Not only that, If I have links on in my comment section and you write reviews, do the other commenter a favor and go visit their link as well as posting your own. It takes a little time, but that’s a great way to make connections.

 Always Write Is My Solo Operation

Sometimes I don’t read a book every week. If you are willing to let me reblog, please let me know. I’d love to add your name to my list. If you’ve already told me, and I forgot, please tell me again.

Always Write may contain affiliate links, meaning I may be paid {at no added cost to you} if you make a purchase after clicking a link. I made my first profit July 2017. $0.97!


What about Guest Reviews?

Do you love to write reviews? I’d love to feature you.

Want tips for writing reviews that work? How to Write a Top Book Review

  • If you have only posted one review, then I’m really not interested. If you post them frequently, send me an email.
  • My reviews post on Thursdays.
  • History, children’s books, memoirs, mystery, educational, writing resources are all perfect books for reviews on Always Write.
  • Even though I still like the authors of horror and graphic sex, I am not interested in horror or graphic sex. (Flame 3 and above is too much for my blog including with vampires, fairies, and shape shifters.)
  • You may, but do not have to review indie or traditionally published books.You may review what you read for pleasure or writing edification, as I do.

Attention Book Reviewers

Tips to update professional book reviews.

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Two Ways to Publish on Always Write

  1. Linked Reviews Featured on Always Write 

    1. I look for these posts in the comment section to reblog. I visit all the blogs that post links to reviews in the comment sections or any book review.
    2. Sometimes I find your post as I visit blogs.
    3. If I enjoy the post, I’ll ask permission to reblog it.
    4. As a solopreneur, I will list the posts I publish on this page as I update it quarterly.
  2. Guest Post for Always Write

    1. Reviewers apply to write these posts.
    2. Regulations and my pledges to the reviewer are listed on this page.

Front Lines

Barb Hopkin’s Review of Front Lines Click picture to order.

Published Reviews


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Link Your Post to Get More Viewers

  • Always Write posts A+ Book Reviews every Thursday. Genres vary. As the editor, I read what I enjoy. Sometimes I publish a guest post or reblog another reviewer’s post.
  • Post a link to your review in the Always Write weekly post comment section. I will visit your link as explained on this page.

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My Pledges to Guest Reviewers

  • I will link back to your original post on a Reblog, with no fewer than two links.
  • I will link back to your blog in the Guest Post, and provide you with the shortlink.
  • I will schedule 3 each Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn social media posts, 1 Pinterest publication, and push the Facebook post to at least 5 Facebook groups at least once during the first week of publication.
  • Depending on the number of likes and retweets, you may be featured as the Book Reviewer of the Month on the Always Write sidebar.
  • You may sponsor yourself or another reviewer with a sidebar or footer Notable Reviewer ad for $25 a month. This includes a link to your blog and double the number of Twitter posts, and include your post in the Newsletter.

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