British Boxing Champion, The Belt Boy

I had not heard of this book, but I asked permission to repost the Happy Meerkat’s review of The Belt Boy by Kevin Lueshing and Mike Dunn. Everyone says it is quite an emotional and honest story.

Cat or C, is compulsive about writing “trusted honest book reviews.” Cat also writes poetry and uses blogging and writing reviews as a funnel for her passion for reading. Thank you so much for allowing me to publish this review in part for Always Write readers.

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You can watch Kevin Lueshing in a boxing match. Watching it will convince you of his humility and honesty before you ever read a word. At least it convinced me.

A+Reblogged Review: The Belt Boy

by the Happy Meerkat Reviewer

The publisher, Austin Macauley kindly sent me a copy of The Belt Boy.  It is the story of Kevin Lueshing, a British boxing champion and the dark past he’s kept hidden.  Here is my review:

I had never heard of Kevin ‘The Look’ Lueshing before, having never followed boxing, so when I was asked to read his autobiography, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But the first few lines of the introduction alone had me hooked, and I couldn’t stop reading until the end.  ‘The Belt Boy’ is the harrowing story of a boxing champion’s rise to fame and success and the awful past he kept hidden.

The first thing you read in this book is the terrible abuse that Lueshing suffered as a child.  The account is truly disturbing and sets the tone for the rest of this book.  What is refreshing is the complete openness and honesty he has about everything that has happened in his life.  Nothing is held back, and you learn all about the brutal, multiple cases of abuse he faced as a child and how it shaped him in his career and as an adult.

The book doesn’t just focus on the difficulties Lueshing had as a child, despite being a champion boxer he still faced hidden problems and has been very candid about everything.

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