It’s Easy Peasy to Connect Mail Chimp

Do you find it difficult to connect MailChimp? Maybe your are a pro blogger, and someone on staff did it? Maybe you invented Mail Chimp.  I jumped into the rat race of emails so I could test it for hobby bloggers.

My last post was a question about connecting Mail Chimp to my account and then using it.

connect MailChimp

Thank you to Janell at janellmithaniShe helped me out. Most of my hobby blogging friends had no luck or experience with it. Since I am managing a nonprofit website as well as my own, I needed to learn to campaign to market that organization.

BTW, there are no paid advertisements for any companies in this post.

Other than connecting Mail Chimp to my website, it has been very easy  OK to use.

I solved the problem of connecting Mail Chimp to my site by asking a computer website design specialist, Daniel Renteria, from ARRC. Daniel does a fabulous job designing. What I appreciate most is that he ALSO answers all my dumb website questions for my site either by phone or by email within a day, and solves the problems quickly.

As anyone who has ever worked with me can verify, problems with technology seek me out.

Who is Daniel Renteria?

I’ve asked Daniel to do an interview with me for this website, so you might get to meet him.

I found Daniel when searching for companies that would work with our nonprofit organization, California Council for the Social Studies (CCSS). ARRC, Daniel’s uncle’s company, specializes in assisting nonprofits and veterans with their website needs. They are reasonable and fantastic. Daniel did a complete overhaul of the CCSS website about four years ago. He made some minor adjustments last year when I served as the Executive Director.

When I took over as the website administrator for our local council, San Joaquin Valley Council for the Social Studies (SJVCSS), I ran into more problems than I could count with our site. Plugins no longer worked, the graphics were old. I did not have the experience with It works VERY differently than

The original website, at that point, was still a mess, and I was still brain-dead. But no one else wanted to tackle the job. The SJVCSS Board had decided that we needed a functional website and the Board hired Daniel to fix it.

As part of the work, he helped connect MailChimp to the SJVCSS website. As a favor, he said he would connect MailChimp to Always Write as well. The disadvantage is that I still don’t know how to do it. The advantage is that it functions.

I only have one more problem on both accounts. (I think.)

connect MailChimp

I had no idea what information I needed to find.

If I understand this correctly, the purpose of this step is so that the email campaigns will look like they come from your website or website email, not Mail Chimp. It looks to me like the email address is visible as sent from our email.

connect MailChimp

See our email at the top?

Going off subject for a second

Do you like this header? You can design headers very quickly in Canva. I used a postcard template and a picture of a field trip when SJVCSS sponsored a trip to the Fresno State Library for History Day students.

connect MailChimp

Canva is easy to use and free if you use your pictures. The do have a few free pictures, and stock pictures for as low as $1.

Back to Mail Chimp

It may be crucial to authenticate your domain, but why?  Maybe you know. It can’t be to make it seem like the email comes from me. Our logo is quite prominent at the bottom where I put it. And our address shows below that. And all that happened without authentication. Hmmmm

connect MailChimp

Our logo is quite visible.

But Mail Chimp adds its logo at the end. The simple rectangle name button has a link to its website. So the company clearly is part of the email.

The Mail Chimp logo is linked to their website in the email.

It may not matter at all, but Daniel will look at it tomorrow,  and connect MailChimp, and then my first email campaign will be on its way.

I’m excited to get started.

The question remaining is whether or not a hobby blogger needs to connect MailChimp at all. Do you have valuable information to share? Have you written a book and want to get the word out. Are you part of a non-profit, and they asked you to do their newsletter?

Then go for it.

It is harder to get traffic on If you have a hobby account and want to increase traffic to your blog, then upgrade to the premium version. MailChimp will automatically send a nice thank you to everyone who responds so that you do not miss them.

Do you have something to sell or give away on a regular basis, but your blog is still primarily your hobby? Then connect MailChimp.

Otherwise, blog away and forget newsletters.

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