Mom and Dad, Please Allow Pets

What child hasn’t wanted a dog, cat, turtle or rabbit, and what non-pet-loving parent hasn’t said no? Megan’s Munchkins by Pamela Foland details one solution to this problem.

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Megan’s Munchkins by Pamela Foland

The problem is that Megan’s Munchkins are unavailable on Amazon until September 12, 2017.

Megan Tries to Convince Her Parents to Allow Pets

Megan has a secret hidden in her closet. Stressed beyond belief, Megan keeps a box with four abandoned one-day old kittens and her joy concealed from her parents for five weeks! “Her life becomes an endless cycle of feeding schedules, vet visits, homework, household chores, and sneaking around.” During the busiest time of her life, Megan discovers true happiness. But what will her parents say when they realize she’s been lying to them for five weeks? Will they be impressed with her responsible behavior, or react to her lack of trust and honesty?

Book Information

  • Title:  Megan’s World Megan’s Munchkins
  • Author: Pamela Foland
  • Print Length: 125 Pages
  • Publisher: Sonny’s Legacy Publishing  and Pamela Foland
  • Publication Date: September 2017
  • Sold By: NA
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 099074504
  • ISBN-13: 978-0999074503
  • Formats: Paperback and Kindle
  • Genre: children literature

Pamela Foland gave me a pre-publication copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Recommendation

As an intermediate-grade teacher, I recommend this book for children especially in grades three to seven.

Kids usually love animals and beg their parents for all kinds of pets. If the parents also enjoy pets, there is not usually a problem. Megan was not so fortunate.

The primary conflict in the book is the ongoing internal struggle that the heroine has about lying to her parents who have said no pets.  Yet, here are these kittens who would die without a human to care for them. Megan had always wanted a pet, and these abandoned kittens needed her. She didn’t consider other options besides taking them home and trying to save their lives.

She tried to wheedle her parents into allowing her to have a pet.

“Sorry, sweetie, you are not responsible enough yet to care for a pet,” her mother responded.

“That’s not the reason you used when I asked before,” Megan shot back, trying to wear her mother down. “You blamed it on allergies.”

Good point, Megan.

Megan knew that parents took medicine for allergies and didn’t want pets. With four allergen-producing kittens hidden in the closet, Megan began keeping her room spotless. Throughout the book, Megan negotiated with her parents to try and change their minds about getting a pet. They finally agreed that if she continued to show responsibility, they might allow pets in spite of the allergy issues.  I found this waffling a little disingenuous. But parents hate to say no to their children, and maybe they had their allergies under control.

Instead of getting caught up in her parents’ inconsistencies, Megan found more and more ways to prove to her parents that she could handle the added pressure of maintaining excellent grades and assisting them around the house. She becomes every parent’s dream child. As an adult, I couldn’t help but like her.

The book also teaches children about caring for kittens step by step. Megan approached her task of raising kittens scientifically and kept careful notes in a diary of changes in the kittens day by day. For every step of their development, she researched on the internet to find out what she needed to know.

Girls will gravitate towards the book more than boys, in my opinion.  Megan did not engage in much overt action, mystery, or misdemeanors, nor were any boys involved in the story.  From an adult perspective, Megan grows into a responsible and endearing young adult during the course of the book. She handles every setback with her parents like a champ and always agrees that they are fair.  That seemed a little unbelievable from my experience, but lovely. I felt a little whiny and resentful towards her parents. Megan’s patience sets a great example to children her age.

The book is well written and moves along smoothly without a lot of bumps and bruises. I liked it.

My Rating

Character Believability: 4
Flow and Pace: 4
Ease of Reading: 5
Reader Engagement: 4
Reader Enjoyment: 4
Overall Rate: 4 out of 5 stars

About the Author

allow pets

Pamela Foland

Pamela Foland grew up in Plano, Texas. As a child, she brought home stray animals. In 2005 Foland graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Science in biology and a minor in business. She has worked in pet hotels as a dog trainer and is certified to teach pet first aid and CPR. Pamela based Megan’s Munchkins on her own experience of raising day old abandoned kittens.





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