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Make deeper friends online by taking these easy steps. As your friendships deeper, you will add more and more to your list of trusted friends online.

One of the goals of vanity bloggers like myself is to build community. I do not really like the term, vanity. I prefer hobby bloggers. We write for FUN! We want to meet people like ourselves who like our writing, and we like their writing.


Am I write (hehe) right?

You are smiling because you know I am!

Steve Woods and I planned to a book together. Steve is a professional blogger who analyzed blogs to help them succeed. Now he’s helping me. As we develop tools and tips for recreational or vanity bloggers, we will share them on our individual sites and eventually on a new site called Transformational Blogging.


Tranformational Blogging

Yes, I want a journal that will transform my life and my blogging!

Transformational Blogging is designed to help fun bloggers do just that. How many people do you follow online? Do you know their names? Do you know where they live? After you have read their blog for several years, you know quite a bit about them, but how can you speed up the process?

You can’t speed up everything, of course, but Transformational Blogging (TB) has some tips and tools we are testing. We’d love your help testing them.

  1. The first tool is a blogging journal. This one has undergone some changes to make it more efficient and easy to use. Let’s say you are nervous about starting a blog. Before you ever write a word or step timidly into the blogosphere, start reading blogs that interest you.  As you read and make comments, keep track of what blogs you read and what you liked about them with this Transformational Blogging (TB) Template.
  2. Once you start blogging, you want someone to read YOUR writing. One tip to building community is to connect with bloggers you meet on social media. Social media is still rather impersonal. You don’t ask someone’s permission to share a picture with them. You don’t even share it for their benefit. But it is in their news feed. If they like it and tell you so, you are on your way to becoming friends.
  3. But then friendships advances to emailing, instant messaging, phone and video chatting. Pro bloggers use email campaigns. Recreational or vanity bloggers may be overwhelmed by that. I am!!!! First, you need lots of people to sign up to be on your email list; then you need a product or newsletter to email. OVERLOAD!

But email is a vanity blogger’s friend and the bloggers who become close email each other. We will share more about that in our book. Emails and messages deepen your friendships quickly. Many friends, like Carol Sherritt from Australia, and I began interacting through our blogs, emailing and chatting four years ago.

I love my computer

4. Finally, it seems, we all want to meet face to face. We want to hug that beautiful person we’ve come to know and love over the internet. We want to sit and have a cup of coffee and bite of peach cobbler. So what do we do? Sometimes events are the answer, but sometimes we make trips purposely to visit each other just like we do our family.

Our first meeting , a trip to Hawaii

Our first meeting, a trip to Hawaii

Blogging friends meet

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Tranformational Blogging

Yes, I want a journal that will transform my life and my blogging!

One Year Later

I am thrilled because today I booked my flight to Queensland, Australia for December 26, 2016. I hope I will get to see many of my Aussie friends, but I have the privilege of staying at my friend Carol’s home and traveling with her and her husband, Mr. Eternal Traveler. What could be more special than that? Who knew that Because of Blogging I would be going to Australia? Whew! I’m on Cloud 9.

Cloud 9a

That’s not me, by the way!

What serendipitous opportunities have come your way or are in the works for you because of blogging? Tell us your story. In our comment box, add a link to your post or tell your story right in the box.

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Tranformational Blogging

Yes, I want a journal that will transform my life and my blogging!