Diversity in Reading in 2017

 Diversity in Reading

Always Write Diversity in Reading for 2017

Is your reading stuck in a rut or do you practice diversity in reading?  I normally post a book review on Thursdays. Instead, I’d like to introduce you to Danielle, another book reviewer I’ve met in the last month or so. I love her style of writing. Her title, “Let’s Talk About Diversity, attracted my attention.” In education, we often consider diversity when we discuss the demographics of our schools. However, Danielle applied it to her reading list. I admire her goals. You’ll probably have some views about her post yourself.
What’s on your TBR list? Are you rereading the great classics, Beta reading, reading mostly for information sci-fi, romance?

“Let’s Talk About Diversity”

diversity in reading

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Diverse Reading! We see those words a lot in the book community. Diversity is an important word. But what does it mean in terms of reading? Let’s look at the word diversify itself. According to Merriam-Webster, we are provided with the following:

verb |di·ver·si·fy |\də-ˈvər-sə-ˌfī, dī-\

transitive verb
1:  to make diverse or composed of unlike elements :  give variety to diversify a course of study
2:  to balance (an investment portfolio) defensively by dividing funds among securities (see security 3) of different industries or of different classes diversify your investments
3:  to increase the variety of the products of diversify the company

So What Does Diversity Mean to Me As A Reader?

For myself, it means variety that is all-encompassing. I made a personal pledge at the end of 2016 to “branch out” and become a more diversified reader. This meant I wanted to include a larger assortment of several key elements in the books I chose during 2017. These included, but were definitely not limited to:

  • Authors
  • Settings
  • Genres
  • Themes
  • Characters

I have made the decision to stop limiting myself and explore. I do not use the term in regards to just race, sexual orientation or religion.  I mean more of everything! Of course, I plan on incorporating more titles that tackle those topics during my reading, but it is a much broader than that. It is about breaking free of the hold my favorite genres and authors have on me and not missing equally and possibly more gratifying books and opportunities. I want to jump out of the comfort zone!  I want to explore cultures, lands, people and all walks of life.

As I grow as a reader, I am happy to discover one thing!

I Want ToRead It All!

“Read. Read. Read. Just don’t read one type of book. Read different books by various authors so that you develop a different style.”
― R.L. Stine

So How Do I Plan On Becoming A More Diversified Reader?

I thought about this one for a while. What steps can I take to assure I actually do explore all that the world has to offers in terms of reading? I decided to make a list of ideas and set some of them into action.

I stopped taking review requests! Yes, you read that right. I realized that I was being held back by only having time to read ARCs and requested reviews. I have three bookcases full of random titles that obviously appealed to me at some point, and it is time to read them! Don’t get me wrong, I still love and plan to explore the many indie titles available. I just need to do so at a more liberated pace.

Utilizing my public library more! This is a favorite of mine because I will always be a big supporter of our libraries for many reasons ❤ How will this help me diversify? I am provided with an endless selection of titles by the widest variety of authors, and I am not limited by what my funds allow or the fear of spending on a book that is a risk. I do not feel held back! I am also constantly reading their articles online and browsing events to gain insight into subjects I might not have encountered otherwise!

Read the entire article here.

Danielle’s About Page

Danielle has a touching story on her about page.

Self-Declared Book Reviewer With a Taste for Tea and the Inability to Walk Straight. Yes, that is what I actually considered naming this blog. Catchy huh? While pretty accurate, I have decided to keep it short and sweet. And Presto! Welcome to Books, Vertigo, and Tea. You have stumbled upon my humble abode among the many bloggers of the internet.

I am Danielle, a 30 “ish” yr old mother of two. I have an insatiable appetite for all things books. I adore bookstores, libraries, and falling asleep while surrounded by my current reads. I prefer to do the latter with tea in hand.

I also happen to have several lovely brain lesions currently taking up residence in the left, lower portion of my brain. Rent free I may add. What can I say? I am a bleeding heart. So I suffer insane bouts of vertigo that can leave me debilitated for extended periods of time.  Sounds like this should be fun, right? I sure hope so! Needless to say, while I have always loved books, they have recently become a safe haven for me. When all else fails, and I am stuck in bed, I have my books. I love them so much more for this. I think I would surely lose what is left of this mind if it were not for the comfort and pleasure of reading.”

I highly recommend that you give her blog a visit and become one of her regular community members. I plan to do that as well.