A Fabulous Offer You Can’t Refuse!

fabuous offer

Terri Webster Schrandt pays it forward with this fabulous offer

Terri Webster Schrandt created the most fabulous offer for bloggers EVER!  You can’t beat a fabulous offer for free photos. Have you ever searched Google for a simple picture to illustrate a poem or a post about needing an editor or over using the words “fabulous offer?” Terri has just the right answer. Read on! Thank you so much, Terri!

How to Get Hundreds of Free Photos

by Terri Webster Schrandt

For those of you who have followed me for years or just recently, you may know that I am an avid, hobby photographer.

Frustrated with “free” stock image photography sites that promise photos that need “no” attribution, I take all my own photos for my blog and websites. My phone and now, my new camera, go everywhere I go. I’m always looking for interesting photo ops!

fabulous offer


Truth be told, I am leery of stock photo services offering free images. Recently, Margaret at Sticky Readers mentioned Unsplash, a site boasting free stock photos.

I decided to check it out and found this article from 12/16 on Snappa Blog, 21Amazing Sites with Breathtaking Free Stock Photos.

Many of these photographs are free from copyright restrictions or licensed under creative commons public domain dedication. This means you can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. However, some photos may require attribution.

We’ve done our best to identify which license they fall under but we still advise you to do your own research and determine how these images can be used.” (emphasis my own).

No thanks, who has time? So much for “free!”

I did, however, open a free Unsplash account. While the images are free and stunning, they are not searchable. Subscribers get ten new photos a week. I downloaded a few, not sure if I will use them on my blog. I’m an educator, so I feel comfortable using these images for my power point presentations since they are not being published on my website.

Snappa Blog’s article states “All photos on Unsplash are released under the creative commons public domain license.”

fabulous offer

creative commons public domain

fabulous offer

Better Blogging with Photography

A lot of “lawyer-speak” here about Creative Commons public domain licensing. This is a tricky business as a growing number of lawsuits are pending for copyright infringement violations of intellectual property.

Let me share an excerpt from my eBook, Better Blogging with Photography: Maximize Your Blog Using Your Own Images

In reference to copyright infringement …


Read the rest of reason behind this fabulous offer on her blog. Don’t forget to share the love and share her article on the social media of your choice. I did that first, by the way. I also read her book and have used one of her images already.


Source: How to Get Hundreds of FREE Photos for your Blog

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