Chapter One: Sure I COULD Write, But Why Blog?

“The seasons are passing one by one.

So gather moments while you may,

Collect the dreams you dream today

Remember, will you remember

The times of your life”

Lyrics by Bill Lane, melody by Roger Nichols, Sung by Paul Anka

At age ten I knew I would be a famous writer. My fifth grade teacher liked a poem I wrote, so I must have shared my poem, my dream or both with my parents. My dad teasingly nicknamed me Hemist Earningway. Dad normally criticized more than he nurtured, and in my eyes he was an expert on everything. Buoyed with this showy bloom of fatherly enthusiasm, I sent in a writing sample to an address in New York from a magazine ad. Each day I rushed to the mailbox when I got home from school. I felt sure that the company would soon tell me I had talent, and send me a contract to write a book. The form letter finally arrived. I’m sure I cried. Maybe my dad was not as all-knowing as I thought.


Being a good writer doesn’t bring you success in the blogosphere either, but read on and do not be discouraged. Eventually if you keep writing and learning, you will have a successful, well-read blog.

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