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I love reading and writing book reviews. One of the reasons I started blogging was to remember the books I read and a little about them. A major feat!

Very selfish, I know.

When I applied for a teaching position as a math specialist years ago, one interview question threw me off.

“What are you reading right now, and why?”

Even though I’ve always been a voracious reader, I panicked and could not think of one book I had ever read in my entire life. Right then I determined that would never happen to me again. I started including a list of the books I’d read in my journal. When I moved from a notebook to a computer, I began to write a brief summary to remind me of the story.

When I started blogging, the books I reviewed were books about writing and education. I also included classics, children’s books, mysteries, and best sellers to my repertoire. Hopefully, other writers found those books helpful as well.

However, Always Write is About Your Needs

Starting June 28th I’m beginning Jon Morrow’s Serious Bloggers Only course, partly to finish my book, Because of Blogging.  I’m spending about five hours a day researching, including reading more book reviewers’ blogs. Because of the time involved reading, the only Always Write posts I’m doing right now are my book reviews.

Jon and other influencers differentiate between hobby and professional blogs. I’ve found is that a good professional blog provides a service for the reader. Even though many of the books I have reviewed are helpful to authors, I want to do more to serve my readers and community of bloggers.

writing book reviews

Indie authors need reviews. Book reviewers need more traffic. 

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As I tried to make my site more useful to readers, I noticed two things.

  1. Indie writers now ask me to review their books.
  2. Lots of people review books. Some of them have more traffic than others.
  3. I want to help those with little traffic and get your review seen by those who have a lot of traffic.
    1. Sally Cronin has a café that features author’s books.
    2. Several reviewers feature an indie author a month in their sidebar.
    3. Chris the Story Reading Ape reblogs a post every day from indie authors.
    4. Debby Gies – an author who reviews books on Sundays on her blog. Always Write has permission to reblog.
    5. Terri Webster Schrandt  – an author who reviews books on her blog. Always Write has permission to reblog.
    6. Colleen Cheeseboro – an author who reviews books on her blog. Always Write has permission to reblog.
    7. Tina Frisco – an author who reviews books on her blog. Always Write has permission to reblog.
    8. Michelle Clements James  – an author who reviews books on her blog. Always Write has permission to reblog.

Always Write Reviews Include Indie and Traditionally Published Fiction and Non-Fiction

Genres I Read

    • Women’s Fiction/Chic Lit
    • Historical Fiction
    • Young Children’s through Middle Grade
    • Light Christian
    • Non-Fiction, Biographies, Memoirs
    • Business
    • Education
    • Murder/Mystery

    Genres I DO NOT Read

    • Erotica
    • Thriller/Horror
    • Books with any dark or paranormal theme
  • Always Write does not charge for reviews.

  • When I find indie writers who have books about my topics on Twitter, FB or in blog reading, I may volunteer to write a review for their book.
  • When I get an email and a free book, I usually accept the requests to write reviews.
  • You will get an honest review.
  • Here is a SmartBlogger post on how to be honest online.
  • I seek reviews from trusted sites and reblog their reviews.

Link Your Book Reviews and Author Interviews Here

  • Link in the comment section to share your reviews again to get more traffic. If we put our traffic together, then we should get more views. Right?
  • Please visit the links you see in the comment section.
  • I’ll visit the links.
  • Maybe you have an interview with an author featured on Always Write, like my interview here with Hugh Roberts. Please link your interviews for more views.


Always Write has affiliate links, meaning I may be paid {at no added cost to you} if you purchase from Amazon after clicking a link. I made my first profit July 2017. $0.97!

What about Guest Reviews?

Do you love to write reviews? I’d love to feature you.

writing book reviews

I publish your book reviews.

Want tips for writing reviews that work? How to Write a Top Book Review


  • If you have only posted one review in your life, then I’m really not interested in publishing your review. If you post them often, send me an email.
  • My reviews post on Thursdays.
  • Historical fiction, children’s books, memoirs, mystery, educational, writing and photography resources are all perfect books for reviews on Always Write.
  • You may, but do not have to review indie or traditionally published books.You may review what you read for pleasure or writing edification, as I do.

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Well, you are awesome – and you really bring so much to the online community with your reviews and support – muchas gracias and TTYS

Thanks, Yvette.

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