Is Ghost Town Jerome, AZ a Problem?

Have you heard a ghost town Jerome story?

Doyal Raymond Vines commented on Books and Pamphlets about Jerome, “(I) recall a story I read in Bisbee, where I served after Jerome. A police officer moved from Jerome to Bisbee shortly after another Jerome officer was found at the bottom of the long steps that run aside the New State building …with a knife in his back. …”

ghost town jerome AZ“Mexican Gulch residents, particularly the Chinese laundries, reported seeing the ghost of a policeman wandering that dark lane for some time thereafter.”

Wonder where he is now? Hmmm

Ghost Town Jerome should file a missing ghost report.

What’s this cool cat’s tale?  He’s a dead ringer for a ringtailed cat. I bet he was on the prowl at night when that policeman was knifed in the back. Or maybe he saw the “accident” at the brothel and was scared to death. Are Ghosts Real? The Story of Belgian Jennie.: The Richest Madam in the Arizona Territory

ghost town Jerome raccoon

This is an oddball request from a cat. “Could you give me a hand up?”

Tourist Attractions in Ghost Town Jerome

Four of us traveled from Sedona to Jerome, not in search of ghosts, but hamburgers. “Best hamburgers in the area,” our concierge at Diamond Resorts told us.

ghost town Jerome Haunted Hamburger

Haunted Hamburger

Ghost town Jerome, AZ occupies three decks built into the mountain. On a scale of 1-10 for Cee’s Which Way Challenge, I rate this town as an 8. If you can’t climb stairs, your mobility will suffer in this ghost town, Jerome, AZ.

ghost town Jerome

They warned us!

Ghost town Jerome

Take a deep breath. Don’t look back, Kelly!

Balmy Sultry March weather in Jerome made it necessary to take vista breaks at various stages in the climb. At over 5,000 feet above sea level, the air thins out as it enters your nose. No wonder there are ghosts in Jerome. People and animals disappeared into thin air. (Get it?) hehehe

ghost town Jerome

Don’t you need a break, yet, Vince? Huff, huff huff

When we finally climbed the three flights of stairs to get to the Haunted Hamburger, we were almost dead. Like others before us, we thought we could walk right in and sit right down. That was not the case. A 45-minute wait awaited us. Vince and I walked up the street to a church across the street, climbed some more stairs to find a shady spot.

Ghost Town Jerome Tried to Tempt Fools

to take their own lives. Next to the entrance to the Haunted Hamburger a ladder tilted precariously against the roof. I could almost hear ghostly voices calling out to passer byes.

ghost town jerome az Haunted Hamburger

“Come on up here. It’s safe,” purred a silky voice from the past.

Does that look safe to you? I’m thinking ghosts are no accident here.

Prospectors Stake Claims on Copper Deposits

Jerome’s modern history began in 1876 with the discovery of copper. The California Gold Rush had sputtered by that time. Prospectors spread out across the west looking for fortune everywhere. The Verde Valley was about to undergo the biggest change in centuries, if not ever.

ghost town Jerome booms with copper

Eugene Jerome backed the United Verde Copper in 1883.

William Clark built a railroad and turned United Verde into the largest producing Copper mine in Arizona. The mine sold in 1912 to James Douglas. His mansion is now Jerome State Park.

ghost town Jerome AZ

Front yard of James Douglas Mansion, Jerome State Historic Park

Production peaked under James. Douglas in 1929. The Great Depression sucked the life out of the company by 1938. Phelps Dodge took United Verde over in 1935. By 1953 all that was left of the mines were ghosts. Mines of the Jerome and Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona

ghost town Jerome mining train

The mines sucked the life out of the land. As Darlene and I learned at Tuzigoot National Monument, the waste from the mines poisoned the valley. More ghosts!


You should have found at least three or four ways to exit the ghost town, Jerome, AZ alive. First, don’t hunt for ghosts. Second, if you are not mobile, don’t climb the stairs from level to level. Third, if you do take the stairs, take breathing breaks as you go up. Going down is easy. Finally, don’t climb wobbly ladders to the roofs of any cliff buildings. As a bonus bit of advice, I wouldn’t drink the water from a well in the valley where they dumped the mining waste.

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ghost town Jerome AZ Marsha

Sorry ghost busters, I’ve had a few too many hamburgers, but I lived to go back another day to Jerome, AZ. 🙂

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