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Hold Fast (A Jack and Shea LAPD Homicide Series)
Hold Fast

Hold Fast

Amazon has 3,563,384 literature and fiction books available to read. Amazon lists Hold Fast (A Jack and Shea LAPD Homicide Series) by Lindy Gligorijevic as a play. It is a police drama and is my pick for this week’s A+ Book Review Link Party. It’s easy to join this party. Simply write a review or post a link to a review you have already done of a literature or fiction book this week.

It’s that easy!

Amazon rates their books in several ways. The lower the rating the better the book. Hold Fast has several ratings:


Lindy Gligorijevic

Even more amazing to me is that the author, Lindy Gligorijevic is my neighbor – no, I still can’t pronounce her last name – and she is a Chief Investigator. Unlike what you would think of an investigator, Lindy is funny, personable and knows what she’s writing about. She’s as adorable off as she is on the computer screen.

The neighbor in between us, Becky Davis, did her editing. Hats off to Becky, too. I did not know she was a copy editor until a few weeks ago. She’s also a great second-grade teacher.

Lindy’s sense of humor brings characters to life.

For example, she described one of the police officers as having the

“good looks of an aging television news anchor and all of the annoying qualities of an unneutered male cat.”

I do not need more details than that to picture HIM!

Then there’s the captain.

“You should teach it (interrogation). But maybe it comes naturally to women.” …No matter anyway, the captain was already extending his soft hand to people behind her.

He sounds capable and politically correct, doesn’t he? And only 2% into the book we have met several main characters enjoying the department Christmas party. The guests alone would have scared me away from that party, but read on!

Humor Sets the Scene

Lindy describes the bathroom at this elegant once-a-year party.

She pushed open the second stall door with her shoulder. She wouldn’t have been surprised to find a fetus in the toilet. … but the only thing in the water was a floating cockroach.

I would so love to go to that party! Wouldn’t you? She also found a bloody fingerprint on the paper towel dispenser. And the story starts…

The Plot Will Keep You Awake At Night!

I could not put Hold Fast down. I read until about 2:30 am. That’s late even for me. My eyes hurt. I finally put it down, but I couldn’t sleep. My Kindle was right next to the bed. As soon as I opened my eyes at 6:30, the Kindle blinked to attention, and I read until I finished.

Henry Johnson, who also love police thrillers, wrote about the book,

“Hold Fast has an exceptional plot. The crimes are believable. The author is a seasoned detective with LAPD and she had the ability to put a moving story on paper. I also appreciated the fact that she indicated the stressful caseloads that detectives carry, which is often overlooked by authors that were never on the job.”

Shea reminds me of Detective Beckett on Castle. She’s probably more like Lindy. Larry Goebel describes Shea as,

“a clever, gritty and tenacious detective and is impressive in the pursuit of the truth behind the surprising death of a young female officer.”

Underlying the police drama, of course, was the personal drama of the attractive, but salty, police officer having an affair with Lieutenant Wonderful. No one knew his name, but they all knew his rank and marital status – married.

“But separated,” Shea assures her readers.

Could she do better? Well, he was separated, wasn’t he? And gorgeous, smart, and had a good job, fascinating, etc? But does he engage the reader like she does? I’m going to let you be the judge of that. Will he be like Castle, and be forever changed from the playboy he once was to the committed savior/blundering hero?

You will only find out if you read the book.

Hold Fast

“Don’t mess with me” Lindy Her Jennifer Anniston look

I think she looks like Jennifer Anniston in this pic. You can decide about that, too. I doubt that Jennifer can write this well.

Hold Fast Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Anniston

Yes, Lindy had critics.

This is Lindy’s first book, which took 10 years to get from her shy computer to the bookshelves. When I saw her today, she worried that she had some bad reviews. I read them. This one, which Amazon classifies as the worst, is laughable from AGCrumpler. I mean, really? Crumpler?

Anyway, all he could find WRONG with the book were publishing glitches.

“The first chapter starts in the left side rather that the traditional right side, I know it’s a small thing, but it annoyed me. Another annoying thing is the page margins, their all over the place.”

He’s a crumpler all right. And did you catch this?  “…their all over the place.”

Hello… Grammerly?

Come on Crumpler, you should have checked.

Even the crumpler couldn’t say a bad word about the writing.

“Even though the publishing is amateurish, the actual story is great! After putting aside my annoyance a few pages into it I was hooked. Gligorijevic knows the details and the ins and outs of police work.”

A+ Book Reviews gives Lindy an A+ on her first book, and I’m ordering her second book as soon as I schedule this post.

What about you?

A+ Book Reviews

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