Jimmy Crow – More Than a Law in Queensland

I was curious to see Jimmy Crow, known for more than a law in Australia. We drove into Crows Nest, Queensland, named after Aborigine, Jimmy Crow. Visiting my blogging friend, Mrs. ET, felt like vacationing with a sister I had never visited. We toured places from hers and Mr. ET’s past that you probably would miss if you went to Australia. It felt like the most natural thing to do in the world.

Why Include Australia Posts In a Blog about Blogging and Writing?

#Australia Trip #6 Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Of course, there’s no law about what I post on Always Write. Let me explain how posting a travel post relates to this blog, Always Write.

The business of Always Write is to support you, mostly hobby bloggers, writers, and photographers. Bloggers blog for many reasons. Some want to build their business. However, most bloggers are hobby bloggers like I am.

Teachers know that the best way to teach and support is to model what we teach. For that reason, I will sometimes post my photo challenges on Always Write.  Along the way I will look for photo challenge posts I enjoy to feature as guest bloggers so you can see their responses to challenges as well.

I recommend that hobby bloggers take part in photo challenges to for several reasons. Photo challenges improve their photography. Blogging is not effective without pictures – either artwork, photographs or infographics. Secondly, photo challenges bring traffic to your blog. You meet people who have similar interests to you. Finally, writing to photo challenges helps you structure your article and assures you that at least the challenge host will read your post.  Hopefully, some of the participants will too.

More than a law about what to blog, I enjoy writing to photo challenges. I hope you will enjoy these posts coming up about my Australia trip.

Jimmy Crow’s Town

Crows Nest, a town of 1,500 people about 30 miles north of Toowoomba at the crest of the Dividing Range, is one of those places. Both Mrs. ET and I are teachers. Teachers have an irresistible urge to visit schools wherever they go.

more than a law

Crows Nest State School

All the schools in Queensland Mrs. ET took me to see had huge campuses. This school where she started her career was no different. The trip through Crows Nest sparked memories for both Mr. and Mrs. ET as they drove me to Bunya Mountains National Park.

More than a law

Crows Nest State School Campus

Australia suffers limited water problems, in spite of an occasional flood like the huge one that killed many people as it swept down the Dividing Range from Toowoomba to Brisbane in 2011. Crows Nest State School advertises that it is a Water Wise Campus.

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Strange Australian Signs

Australian signs offered me more than a law. They often tickled me for no reason clear to Mr. and Mrs. ET. Read my confusion over the signs in the loo for a laugh on me.

Walking Ichabod Crane signs are ubiquitous in Australia. This headless yellow walker sign reminded drivers to watch out for AGED folks hobbling across the city crossways. Have you seen a sign warning drivers be aware of the AGED in the United States? In the United States, city planners worry more about children.

As an admitted older adult, I appreciated legalized deference to the aged.

Carol laughed at my “old lady” stabilization shoes which she pronounced “stabil I ZA tion.”  The good news was that the AGED signs were not necessary for me! My stylish stabilization shoes kept me safe and upright.:)more than a law

We visited Crows Nest one Wednesday summer vacation morning. That explained the empty school. At a population of just under 1,600, the Crows Nest’s population was about 1/5 that of my town, Woodlake, CA, in 2011.

more than a law

No U-Turn in downtown Crows Nest

Very few people were downtown the day we arrived. I got out of the car and stood in the middle of the street and took pictures. When I was a kid, my father used to embarrass me ALL THE TIME when he stopped traffic to take a picture. There was no traffic in Crows Nest.

More than a law

Downtown Crows Nest

I laughed (quietly secretly) at the No U-turn sign because of the lack of traffic, but not because of the legality. I could have laid down in the middle of the street and been safe. Maybe it is busier during rush hour.

More Fun Signs

Apparently, there are many foreign drivers who travel the streets here. Either that or driving on the left side of the road is unnatural for everyone! Crows Nest posts warning signs at almost every corner. KEEP LEFT! Quite possibly “keep left” is a consistent political statement.  Hmmm, I wonder if the sign was more than a law!

more than a law

Keep Left!

On a more serious note, don’t you love these buildings? They remind me of the western false fronts we have in our Wild West, but prettier.

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Honor Where Honor is Due

more than a law

Memorial Statue in Centenary Park, Crows Nest

My friends pointed out proudly that Australia entered the war earlier than the United States. Australians honor their military heroes. Many cities had memorials. Sometimes they listed the battles in which Australians lost their lives. This tiny town raised a statue to fallen World War I and World War II veterans. Names of the fallen soldiers filled all four sides of the statue.  What a sacrifice!

more than a law

Names on all four side

more than a law

Soldiers remembered

more than a law

Australian honor is more than a law.

more than a law

Memorial to Jimmy Crow

Before 1876 Crows Nest did not exist as a town. One indigenous resident, Jimmy Crow, welcomed European settlers giving them directions as they logged the mountains. He lived in a tree, which the town saved and moved to Centenary Park. Honoring Australian Jimmy Crow was more than a law.

more than a law

Jimmy Crow’s old stumping grounds

The city planted a fig tree behind the stump and the roots wove around the older stump.

Naturally, I posed for a picture inside of Jimmy’s nest. The morning temperature was pleasant that day, but afternoons, while I was in Queensland, were hot and muggy, often accompanied by heavy rains, lightning, and thunder. When I grew up in thunderstorm alley, Indiana, I learned never to stand under a tree during a thunderstorm. I wondered where Jimmy went when rains got violent.

more than a law

Tourists pose in Jimmy Crow’s tree.

Do you like my stabilization shoes? I got them at Sole 2 Sole Sports in Visalia, CA. (Not an affiliated sponsor – YET)

more than a law

Unripe fig

The figs weren’t ripe, but that was fine. I ate plenty of other sweet treats on my trip. I felt virtuous foregoing an unripe fig.

more than a law

Australian Aborigine, Jimmy Crow

Jimmy Crow’s sandstone statue stood six feet six inches tall above the rock platform that boosted him skyward another three feet or so. His statue has stood guard in Crows Nest since July 12, 1969.

Even though I love to see tourist spots when I travel, I enjoy seeing how the everyday features compare to home. The United States has its own Jimmy Crow, but there is little similarity to the honor shown this Aborigine, Jimmy Crow.

more than a law

Sculpted from Helidon Sandstone by Mr. Fred Gardiner

I thank my friends Mr. and Mrs. ET for their hospitality while I was in Queensland. Be sure to visit her website for more of her Eternal Travels.

Australian Trip #6 Cee’s Which Way Challenge

When you travel, what sights are important to you?

I love your comments and your shares. 🙂

Tourist Stops I Missed in Crows Nest

  • Regional Art Gallery
  • Crows Nest National Park
  • The Applegum Walk
  • Bullockys Rest
  • Hartmann Park
  • Carberthon Folk Museum
  • The Crows Nest Show in May

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