If you are a writer you write, and you publish. For almost three years you all supported my hunger to write and be read on historygal.com. I have lost my domain name, tchistorygal.com. My account says it is there, but the webpage is not available. So I switched the site back to wordpress.tchistorygal.com until I could make it work, but that didn’t work either. I have pictures to prove that I had paid for my domain, but it doesn’t bring it back to MY blog site.

the new TChistorygalThis is NOT the real TCHistoryGal.com.

Some of you wrote to tell me about my WordPress problems. Thank you all for your concern about my web presence.Those of you who have remained Facebook and Twitter friends, I can’t tell you how much that means to me.  🙂

Since my blog didn’t work, I took a long break from blogging. I served a brief stint as the Executive Director of California Council for the Social Studies, of which I have long been a member. I have published my first book, Images of America Woodlake by Arcadia Publishers. I owe my contract to blogging, and to you as readers. The publisher saw my blog and contacted me and asked me if I would write a book about Woodlake, the small town near where my husband and I now live.  I couldn’t say no to that offer. I am also active in Kiwanis of Woodlake, and am on the board of the Woodlake Chamber of Commerce and serve as the secretary and membership chairperson. Small towns keep a person active, but it’s fun living where everyone knows your name!

final cover proof

So today, I started blogging again with a new site. It’s got a long domain name, but it fits what I’m going to do.  I have a Blogger site that hasn’t stopped working, and I will continue to post the Woodlake stories and pictures I collect on that site. You probably wouldn’t describe this site as streaming thoughts as tchistorygal.com WAS, but I will move some of my articles over as I have time. I can’t help but create an eclectic site, because I want to post what I’ve learned and am learning life and the my craft/hobby choice of the moment.  Currently it is still writing and photography, but I cleaned my closets, and found some unfinished quilts, so they may sneak into the site as well.

I look forward to seeing you again, and meeting new friends.

Kind regards,

smerMarsha Professional002

Marsha Ingrao