Save Time and Nerves

This conversation does not save time! My husband asked me ten times a day, “What’s your schedule tomorrow – this afternoon – today – next week – next month – for the next few minutes?”

Seriously, Vince? My nerves sizzled and curled up as they frazzled. Clearly, I was busy sitting at my desk pressing important keys.

“You never told me you were going to Australia!”

save time

We either couldn’t remember what the other one said. Or we couldn’t remember whether we really said it.

“You said I could go play poker tonight.”

“We told our friends that we would come over for dinner.”

“But the big tournament…”

Vince’s nerves frazzled too. This is carefree retirement living?

save tme

We tried several strategies to communicate

Vince decided that we would write what we wanted (future tense -even though he’s the ask forgiveness not the permission kind of guy) to do on a pad.  The other person initialed it or answered yes or no.

Second-grade all over again!

But we did it. It worked but took a ton of time. I started filling in my entire schedule by hand – no wonder I run out of time.

Then, I printed my iPhone calendar. For both of us! I fixed up a binder for him. I am a teacher, after all! That took a lot of time, too. We still filled in everything by hand. AND we had to LOOK at it! 🙂

Connie Told Me a Way to Save Time

My friend Connie Smith showed me how she shared her iPhone calendar with her husband.

Problem solved.

Almost. My tech-savvy husband and I had trouble making it work for us.

How To Share iPhone calendars

  1. Apple tells you how to do it, but not very specifically. On the computer, with your calendar open, click on the edit menu and choose share to type in the email address.
  2. You can share easily using your iPhone.
    1. Launch the Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad.
    2. Tap on the Calendars button in the bottom navigation.
    3. Tap on the Info button next to the calendar you’d like to share.
    4. Tap on the Add Person… option under the Shared With section.
    5. Add the people you’d like to share the calendar with and tap Add.
    6. Tap Done in the upper right-hand corner.


  1. Each calendar is subtly marked by a different color. PAY ATTENTION TO THESE LINES AND COLOR FILLS! If you don’t check these, you might find yourself entering something and not seeing it – and missing an appointment!
  2. Keep appointments or reminders that you don’t need to share – like when your blog posts are going to publish, in a different colored calendar. Purple and red look similar if you don’t see well.
  3. You will get an email confirmation of the shared calendar and with each shared appointment. If you do not click this, those appointments or calendars will not show up on your calendar.


Sharing our phone saved us a lot of time. It saved our nerves as well. Sometimes, something doesn’t work quite right because we forget the detail rules. All in all this strategy will save you time and protect your nerves as well.

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