Sharing Posts to Google+ Communities

“Can I share posts to Google+ communities automatically Peter Problogger?”

“Fraid not, Amy Amateur.”

“Why don’t we talk to our blogging friends and see what they do?”

Google + Communities2

Has anyone had success with sharing their posts with Google + Communities? People do it all the time. It should be obvious.

It isn’t to me.

I came across this article online Google + Communities Beginner’s Guide.

I learned, “At this time, Google+ prohibits you from sharing to multiple communities. Also, when you do choose to post to a community, you will not be able to share that same post through the public feed — meaning you’d have to post your content twice for it to show up in the community and in the public feed.”

I can do that, share it twice. But…

This information was on Google Help.

  1. Open Google+.
  2. Near the bottom right corner, touch the share icon . NO PROBLEM
  3. Touch Write something, then type your text. … NO PROBLEM
  4. To choose who you want to share with, touch the text next to your picture. OOPS THIS DID NOT WORK
  5. Touch the people, circles, collections, or communities you’d like to share with. THIS DID NOT APPEAR
  6. To post, touch the send icon . THIS DID NOT APPEAR

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So what is your experience sharing with Google+ communities and collections?