Traveling Hints from the School of Hard Knocks

D.G. Kaye loves to travel and offers traveling hints and funny stories to make traveling easier for you. Have Bags, Will Travel Tips and Tales – Memoirs of an Over-packer just came out. This short, easy-to-read essay is perfect for the short plane ride or quick train trip.

traveling hints

Have Bags Will Travel

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traveling hints

Could you have written this book of traveling hints?

Hmmm, is Debby the only shopaholic? My husband battled a 4-wheeled suitcase that kept tipping over on the cobblestones. I took over when he threatened its demise. Two minutes later I threw it in a Roman garbage can.

“Marsha, you didn’t!”

“Don’t worry, Debby. It was empty. I brought it so I could shop.”

Yes, this book was about me! So funny!

Traveling Hints for Changing Times

D.G. Kaye has a long history of loving to shop when she travels. We all want to bring back something from our traveling. Right?  But how much is too much? And how do we get it through customs?

D.G. Kaye packed and traveled differently in the past.  How has she coped with the many changes in the travel industry? Has airport security threatened her travel buying? As you will see, she offers creative tricks to pack and still have fun shopping.

Follow D.G. Kaye and her friends as she travels to Paris, London, Las Vegas, Greece, Venezuela, and Arizona. Pay attention to her traveling hints about locations to visit. For example, she describes her reaction to the transition from old Vegas to the Vegas we know today.

Have you ever traveled in a garbage can lid? Find out how it’s done, and what to wear!

Ever break a foot while traveling? It happened to D.G. and another friend of mine, too. Bad memories are often the funniest, and make the trip memorable.

Has your suitcase ever come down the baggage ramp unzipped, exposed with tire treads stamped across your clothes? Hmmmm. Poor Debby!

Traveling Tips from Admitted Germ Freak

Whether or not you love germs, D.G. Kaye will entertain you with her germy experiences traveling at home and abroad.

 Traveling Hints

Have Bags Will Travel

A Few Parting Traveling Hints

  • Pack a sweater. (Where it’s handy! It gets cold up there in the clouds!)
  • Keep hydrated. (Gulp down the bottle you brought BEFORE you hit the line.)
  • Get mobile alerts.

Do I recommend Have Bags, Will Travel? Absotively!

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