When you move, you have to find followers again. Moving is always traumatic, isn’t it? You get used to where all your stuff is and how things work. After resisting for nearly four years, I finally took the plunge and moved to WordPress.org.

finding followers

This is how I feel about moving.

WordPress.org is supposed to be a lot better. You have the freedom to do what you want to do.

There’s only one problem.

You have to know a lot more about blogging and technology than I did. And I thought I knew a lot. The move did not come all at once. A few months ago I moved all my WordPress.com followers to my WordPress.org site.

It was easy enough to move the followers. Contact Jet Pack, and they do it for you. After the big move, the number of followers showed in my statistics sidebar. Yes, they responded to comments. Except for Ralph, whose comments ALWAYS go to SPAM in WordPress.org. No matter what I do. I’m sorry, Ralph.

However, I could not find a list of WordPress.com followers when I created my email list for an email campaign. I looked for them back on my old site on TC Historygal.net. The only folks there were the new subscribers to that blog. It is still live because I still love it. Like my dog’s blue blanket that goes with her everywhere, my blog is personal, and it represents four years of my life.

I should have checked my May email from Jetpack. they told me where to find them, but I forgot that two-line email. I work on a need to know basis, and at that time I did not NEED to know.  I also learned that former followers do not receive an email when a new article is posted. They need to sign up on the new blog to receive those.

Since I FINALLY created my first email campaign on this site, I wanted to import my former subscribers to the new campaign. At last, today I found them. They were hiding in the Jetpack menu on the side of my dashboard.

Where I found my followers from WordPress.com.

Where I found my followers from WordPress.com.

When I went to Stats, they were right there. Such a comfort! My old friends. I am so happy now.

Now if I could just keep Ralph out of my spam box everything would be almost back to normal.

If you have ever suffered the pain of loss when you moved your site or know someone else who has, please share.

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