Worry When Sex Gratis Visits If Your English Teacher Reads Your Blog

Another reason YOU should worry when sex gratis visits your blog is that this was the post that shut down my WordPress.com site.  

(based on experiences five years ago)
worry when sex gratis visits

Spammy Stories

Your blog’s spam file would be a great place to find grammar error worksheets for kids to correct.

Sex Gratis and Tattoo Age need to work on their persuasive writing skills as well as their language usage. Maybe that is why the Common Core standards push teachers to teach persuasive/argument writing grades K-12. These spammers are so pathetic they are fodder for the comedy blogs.

“I think this is a powerfull site with much interesting blogposts about this stuff. And i just wanna say thnx for this. I’ll subscribe to your website to see if you post more stuff like these!”

I guess this person assumes is that I would WANT him/her to subscribe to MY website!!! On what grounds would I want him or her to be part of my world? Certainly, their Gravatar name and photo do not sell them.  

Spotting Spammers that Go Uncaught

Don’t kill yourself with worry when sex gratis visits. It is easy to spot spammers. They miss simple rules of grammar. Even the worst grammar teacher would catch these errors. Starting from the beginning powerful is misspelled. What happened to spell check? I misspell words on purpose sometimes to make a point or make up a word, but this is not the case here.

Or is it? Maybe Sex Gratis wants to grab your attention! Can you spot all of Mr./Ms Gratis’ mistakes?

Their content is general and or nonsense. Get out your red pens!  Could Spammy use a more specific word than “stuff?” What “stuff” is he/she reading on my blog post that is so powerful and interesting? I didn’t see anything too sexy or tattooish about my post that attracted this comment. Finally, is “stuff” singular or plural? He/she is referring to one post, but using a referent “these” to refer to the plural “stuff” that was found in the post? It is confusing if not incorrect.  

Hi there you have a good weblog over here! Thanks for posting this interesting information for us! If you keep up the good work I’ll visit your website again. Thanks!”

You know, I like praise as much as the next person, but is this a threat? If – then statements are great for science, but for enticing someone to do good work? Not too helpful unless you are a parent. IF you get your homework done, THEN you can visit your friends. Kids love this – and RUSH to get their homework done! “Bazinga.”

“everything is very open and very clear explanation of issues. it contains truly information. your website is very useful. thanks for sharing. looking forward to more!”

Who writes this stuff? Let’s assume that this is computer generated, and the programmer doesn’t understand the first-grade rule of capitalization among other things.  

I get computer generated messages from WP, LinkedIN, Facebook. THEY know how to generate a simple sentence that is correct and motivational.  

“hey, great job friend, cheers.”

I can live with these kinds of spam comments. OK, there’s no capital, but it’s simple and sort of “Good morning” kind of innocuous statement. I know, as a teacher, that “great job” is no longer acceptable. I used to say that so much that my students would imitate me – voice included!  

My spam friend, be specific in your praise. What is great about my work? Nonetheless, a simple, “great job friend, cheers”, well it’s happy and positive – no threats.  I can live with this one. However, with enough of real people out there reading my blog. They have faces instead of a computer generated pattern Gravatar, I’ll delete this compliment permanently. No sale.

What is your favorite spam comment, or do you look at them? One of them might be me, so please look.  Have you found me there? Are you still finding me in the Spam with sex gratis and tattoo age? Are you finding more interesting Spam than I have? Please share!

Warning: Worry When Sex Gratis Visits If You Are Not Self-Hosted

My WordPress.com website was immediately shut down when I published this article. Administrators told me that it was because I had copied and pasted a Gravatar of one of the spammers because it was so nonsensical. Just a warning.  DON’T DO THAT!!!

What problems are you having or have you had with your hobby blog? Want to share your funny/sad story? Can ALWAYS WRITE help?

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