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Hi, my name is Marsha Ingrao. Always Write for hobby bloggers, writers, and photographers as a dedicated place where we could share what we know and what we are learning. If you want to share your blogging struggles and learn from others, come on in. Contact me if you’d like to contribute to Always Write. I don’t pay writers, but I will promote them.

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Why Blog?

Bloggers are, first and foremost, publishers of the best content we have available to us. It took me a while to realize that even as a hobby blogger, I was a publisher, complete with responsibilities to my reading public not just to myself. We never know who may read our blog or where the information will end. Personally, blogging satisfies my need to write, motivates me to notice what’s happening in the world, and gives me opportunities to write and communicate with real people around the world.

The most amazing things have happened to me since I started my first blog in 2012. One article in that tiny blog earned me a book contract. The book changed my status in my small community. I have met so many people who live and came from Woodlake. People call me with local history tidbits, send me pictures and artifacts, which I can share with others.

No one has to be a noted expert in blogging to be a success. In my circles, I earned respect as an expert in the field of blogging and social media just by continuing to blog, learn and share what I know with others. As a volunteer, I created several blogs and social media pages for several non-profit organizations. I enjoy using the skills I’ve learned through blogging to give back to my local and world-wide community.

Relationships Bloggers Make

When I started blogging, I never would have imagined that in January 2017 I would travel 14,736 miles alone for one reason – to meet up with two blogging friends in Australia. Once I arrived Carol and I logged in another 1,995 miles traveling to see Leanne. Some of the relationships you make online can mean a lot and last the rest of your life.

Blogging Goals

Experimenting and teaching are what I do, so in 2017 I gave monetization a try. Even though this is a hobby bloggers’ blog, many of you have monetized. Others of you may not have an interest in selling products or services.

My friend, Maria stated, “I don’t want to prostitute myself to companies, but I enjoy the perks of writing about what I like and making money to do it. I take my grandson all over the country on the free tickets I earn from reviewing those places.”

Even though I read and experimented with earning money through my blog, it was not my driving passion. So after a year, I dropped making money from my blog as a goal.

My current goal is to connect with friends and share tips that I think you might find helpful about writing, blogging, and photography. If you provide services for others, feel free to mention them or contact me if you want to write a guest post for Always Write.

Always Write
Marsha and Leanne’s friend Suzanne in Healesville Sanctuary outside of Melbourne, Victoria

What You Can Expect from Always Write

The kinds of articles you can find on Always Write include, but are not limited to:

  • Blogging tips
  • Writing tips
  • Discussion Questions
  • A+ Interviews
  • A+ Book Reviews
  • Reference links – photo challenges, books, and other topics as you ask questions
  • Photo Challenges

History of Always Write

Always Write started in 2017 when my first blog reached almost 800 articles. I wanted to focus one blog on writing and what I had learned about blogging and photography. Since I remain a hobby blogger, I dedicated the blog to others who write and blog for a hobby.

Near the same time, I dedicated my first blog primarily to travel and local articles. There may be some overlap between the two blogs, Traveling and Blogging Near and Far and Always Write.

As a personal and hobby blog, Traveling and Blogging Near and Far contains many short posts offering blogging tips or responding to photo challenges. I consider Always Write a professional blog for new or non-professional bloggers. The articles in Always Write may respond to Photo Challenges but are usually longer and more instructive.

So You Know

While most of my writing appears in blogs, newsletters, and magazines, which I’ve not kept track of over the years, I’ve published two books.  

Fiction is still on my bucket list. I have written, but not published two NaNoWriMo novels:

  • Girls on Fire, a fiction novel about three women in their 50s and 60s who are looking for new love and a change in life.
  • Winning Jenny’s Smile, a middle school fiction about Jenny’s first months in a new school.


  • Amy wrote: I’m a writer first, for stage and screen, educator second, and a makeup artist for a large retailer when the former endeavors don’t pay well. That last one makes me want to throw myself off an overpass. I have trouble finding levity in my life and the energy to always write. It’s so inspiring to read this. Thank you for this little piece of enthusiasm. It has realigned my day. x

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