Want to build successful blogs fast?

“I thought I did build successful blogs, Peter Problogger.”

“By ‘build successful blogs’ I mean this, Amy Amateur. Would you like more traffic, readers, friends, and people who are influenced by YOU?”

“Influenced by me. Sure! That has a nice ring to it! I definitely want THAT! I guess I don’t know it all. I can improve.”

build successful blogs

An Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Blog

Janice CAN build successful blogs

build successful blogs

Amazon Best Sellers Rank Nov. 17, 2016

Build successful blogs your own way.

Are you OK with getting fewer and fewer visits your blog? Or staying stagnant, like I do?

Are you convinced that you KNOW everything about blogging? Do you think your blog could not get ANY better?

THEN PLEASE DO NOT READ An Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Blog.

Do you get confused by all the tips, tricks, and blind alleys? Do you try to understand all the skills involved in blogging, and still get stuck?

Then READ An Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Blog.

TRAFFIC-WISE I did in five years what Janice accomplished in one year.

build successful blogs

Mostly Blogging, Janice Wald


Like Amy, I am still learning about blogging!

Blogging has changed since I started five years ago. HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of bloggers have joined the blogosphere. Maybe the blogosphere changed while you were busy creating posts, too.

This was a hard review to write. Why? Because I learned so many tips. Some were quick to apply. Some took longer. It took me two weeks to get halfway through Janice’s book.

What I Learned to Build Successful Blogs

  • Always have an odd number in your headline.
  • Put “YOU” in the headline.
  • Readers find your blog easier if you add an alt text line to every graphic.
  • Google your headlines before you publish your post. Notice how many tips each article wrote about your topic.
  • Write one or two more tips – just end up with an odd number!

Blog Prompts to Build Successful Blogs

Wald mentioned influencers but I did not know who she meant. Were they ordinary bloggers, pro bloggers, or someone in a specific field?

To find out I checked out over 80 blogs of her acclaimed “influencers” she quoted. I wrote four blog posts in a week based on what I learned. Several of her “influencers” became my friends and followers.

I read three books written by her influencers and wrote reviews of them.

Influencers Who Built Successful Blogs

Here are a few of Janice’s friends mentioned in An Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Blog. You might see some of your own friends in her lists like I did.

More Comments

Melinda reviewed her book and said, “This book is a compilation of (Janice Wald’s) posts teaching the ins and outs of blogging.”

One reviewer said she “did her homework.” Another reviewer said she did not guard her secrets. I have to agree.

A+ Janice!

Do You STILL have questions?

Of course, you can ask me. It is overhaulin’ time for my blog as I apply the 201 or so tips I learned. But sometimes I still have stupid questions. What then?

I write a blog post. What do you do?

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