Skyrocket Your Traffic and Find Awesome April Blogs-Win-Win!

You want to skyrocket your traffic and find awesome April blogs to visit. Try creating a calendar for yourself of folks in a Facebook group you like. Or you can relax and check out my favs for this month.

Last month the March blogs to visit on Always Write got so much traffic, that I’m going to do one for April but in smaller chunks. Since there are millions of blogs there, this method helps me form a community. Here’s the secret. I’m starting with a Facebook blogging group in which I’m active. You can do the same thing and link your post of blog picks for the month in the comment section.

The bloggers I’m introducing to you today belong to Networking Bloggers, a Facebook Group Maria Perez invited me to last month. She also invited me to share administrative responsibilities, but I have to say she does the lion’s share of the work. The purpose of this group is to learn more about the craft of blogging and marketing our blogs through social media. So it is the perfect group if you want to hone your blogging skills.

awesome april blogs

Awesome April blogs to visit each day

The blogs are all different topics, so try one on each day, and see what you think. Start a simple blog journal. Cut and paste into a Google Doc and add to your own favs. 





April 1 Maria Perez Maria operates a travel operation next to none. She administers the group Networking Bloggers. She seeks out answers to perplexing blogging problems all day. When someone has a problem, she won’t let it go until it’s done. she is the Twitter Queen. Learn 8 ways to make friends while you travel and where the best places are for a staycation.
April 2 Amanda Long Website and project manager, and virtual assistant Amanda is also a busy mom.
April 3 Bethany Bethany is a travel blogger who loves Peter Pan and has recently blogged about Niagra Falls and London. She is also a cat lover. I suspect that they were not crazy about Niagra Falls. 🙂
April 4 Amy Milcic Rock Your Homeschool Amy is a mental health therapist turned homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys. It is her passion to help homeschoolers add sparkle to their learning fun. Amy loves to fill her days with coffee, books, and glittery crafts.
April 5 Chantal Bernard Chantal operates a blog full-time and has a passion for essential oils and wellness. She discusses mental illness and chronic illness.
April 6 Amanda Mac Amanda lives in Australia and hosts a challenge called Monday
April 7 Erlene Amat Erlene has a beautiful blog with seasonal activities that the whole family can enjoy doing. She also specializes in organizing and product reviews.  
April 8 Katrin Katrin, a mom of two girls and a kindergarten teacher loves decorating and crafts. Her website is beautiful and light.
April 9 Keri Houchin Keri’s goal is to help parents navigate the chaos of family life, one day at a time by finding smart ideas for balancing family life without spending too much time, money, or sanity.
April 10 Lauren Coto Lauren and her husband are new bloggers enjoying time with their young son and sharing tips as they go.
April 11 Ana Willis Ana is also a homeschooling mom. Her website is beautiful and she has ideas for helping bloggers make money with their blogs.
April 12 Cora Keys Cora has a beautiful website. She writes tips for women entrepreneurs from her own experience as an Administrative Assistant.

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