If You Blog, You Can Transform Your Life

“If you blog, and you want to change your life you need a blogging journal,” Steve Woods, formerly of Technorati told me.

As Steve Woods and I hashed out ideas about Because of Blogging and Transformational Blogging two books about blogging we wanted to write, I tested out some of our ideas on Always Write. I’m always experimenting. If you blog, don’t you do that?

if you blog

The question we asked ourselves was, “What is it that transforms our lives because of blogging?”

The primary difference between blogging and writing a private journal or a book is that if you blog you get community feedback. Yes, we might be alone, but our friends live on these computers. It is the surprising response from our blogging community that heals us and teaches us.

Steve asked, “What if we became more intentional about our vanity or hobby blogging? Vanity bloggers are not selling anything, but we want to build our community. We want to link with those who WANT TO read about our experiences. We read about their experiences in return. Right?”

“Of course,” I answered. “Duh,” I thought.

“Then let’s suggest to friends who are vanity bloggers, whose lives have changed because of blogging, that they start a journal.”

“Whaaaaaaaaaa?” I answered Leonard style of the Big Bang Theory, without the t. “Surely you are not talking about the tell-all gripey kind that I destroyed when I married again so no one would read it by accident?”

“No, if you blog, you need a transformational journal. You need a place to keep track of conversations you have with your friends so you can respond to a new blog post, not just in the comment section. If you blog, you need a journal to keep track of posts you might want to visit again, or ones you ought to read that you did not have time to read when you were there. You need links to your favorite posts or bloggers so that when you quote them, you can add a link to your post without visiting their blog and getting distracted WHILE you write your post.”

Hmmm, I began to see how he was right. There were many aspects of my 20 years of journaling that healed my emotions, sharpened my brain, and helped me achieve my goals. What if we could keep JUST the transformational parts of the journal? What if we could focus on the goal of building community?

Free Transformational Journal

Yes, I want to grab a journal that will transform my life!

I caught Steve’s enthusiasm. Offering a Transformational Journal Template not be a pro blogger promise to increase sales pull in more traffic off the blogosphere. No, the Transformational Journal would be a tool to transform lives of anyone who blogs no matter what the subject, interest or intent of the blog.

So I designed a journal template which I could use to be more intentional about building my community. As an expert in journaling, I included the emotionally healing aspects of my 20 years of journaling experience in the template.

Are you interested in having a Transformational Journal?

you blog

Sample of entries in your Transformational Blogging Journal

Here’s what happened when I started using the template. I felt the excitement that occurred when I began blogging.

Remember how the world opened up when you started blogging? You realized people out there were interested in you, and you became interested in them and their experiences as well. A conversation started.

Uh huh! And then what?  Hmmm If you blog for any length of time you may do what I did and fall into a rut, and no longer reach out to new people. I love the new people I found when I traveled to Australia Miriam, Denzil, Badfish and his thongs.

Quickly, the conversations with new people like Debby, Terri, Tina, Yvette, and Maria became deep like the ones I now enjoy with my first blogging friends – those amazing individuals who are still with me after four years. Almost immediately after the conversation, they followed my blog, Streaming Thoughts, renamed Blogging Near and Far. It was MY transformational blog. I did not increase my writing of posts on that blog. In fact, I have decreased the number of posts I write. I also noticed increased professional contacts and collaboration in Always Write, my professional blog.

“Your transformation, your healing started Because of Blogging. Want to take the next step?” Steve asked me. “The Transformational Blogging Journal Template will help you deepen your relationships, and, as an aside, will give you more writing material if you want to transform your blog and your life.”

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I think if you blog, a transformational journal will transform your blogging. It has mine!

Free Transformational Journal


Yes, I want to grab a journal that will transform my life!