I Messed Up

However, I have a pretty good memory you do get a paraphrased interview with Chris Brogan. He is a lovely human being. Sadly, I am a technologically challenged human.


I just hope you can identify.

Long Story Short

Paraphrased Chris Brogan Interview

MP3 Skype Recorder

I have created podcasts before – face to face. This is my second one over Skype, Sally Cronin being my first.

However, Chris Brogan R Podcasts!

He teaches how to do them professionally. So that made my mistake more embarrassing. Following the book on preparing for the interview, I was well prepared and confident.

Unfortunately, I relied on my free program to record on Skype to turn on automatically with my new microphone. But I unhooked my microphone when Chris couldn’t hear me. When I checked after the interview – nothing!

Fortunately, I took notes. Next time I would press record on my phone also.

But enough about me. You still want to hear what Chris said, don’t you?

Introducing Chris Brogan

To professional bloggers, Chris needs no introduction. He is one of the top bloggers in America today. In the blogging industry, he’s a major influencer. He is the CEO of Owner Media Group.

On his website, he clearly states what he does, “We provide simple plans for business success. You’re looking to get better at marketing? We do that. Want to improve your systems and focus? Got you covered.

The best part of that is Owner Insider, a group of people who are working their way through all the plans and projects I provide, plus a private collaboration group, coaching, and a lot more, all tucked into one place for a really low subscription rate.”

So that you know, I did join his Owner Insider group. I’m not an affiliate, but I’m awed by the depth and helpfulness of his materials.


The Paraphrased Interview Part One

Marsha: I write mostly for hobby bloggers, in fact, I am one. How would you define a hobby blogger?

Chris: I’ve never heard that term. I’m guessing that you don’t need to get your next meal from blogging, or maybe you can get a steak dinner from it once in a while.

Marsha:  A steak dinner would never happen. Maybe some corn nuts. I’ve made $1.97 from Amazon in my blogging career so far. But you’ve been more successful than that blogging.

As you think back to those beginning days a blogger, talk about one or two of the memorable life-changing experiences that came because you started blogging.

Chris: I started blogging in 1999 when it was like using Excel. They called it journaling back then. I wrote the date, then in the next column, I wrote what I wanted to say, then published it. Back then I wrote to my belly button and my mother. Posts consisted of whether I liked this movie or I didn’t. It got so much easier when Blogger came along, then Google bought Blogger and WordPress came along. It took me eight years to get my first 100 followers. Then I quit blogging to my belly button and things got better. I started thinking about what other people needed.

Marsha: Hardly anyone was blogging or using the internet then, so no wonder it took so long to get readers. I’m writing a book about all the amazing things that happen because of blogging so as you think about once you quit blogging to your belly button, what kinds of experiences or opportunities came to you because of blogging?

Chris: I owe everything to blogging. So many things happened. I was on the Dr. Phil Show. I got to interview Richard Branson for a cover story for Success magazine, and once even presented to a Princess.

Is Blogging Dead?

Marsha: I heard a new blogger ask if blogging is dead. I don’t think you believe that, but what do you say?

Chris: Oh yeah blogging has been dead since 2002. A blogger gets bored with blogging and so now blogging is dead. However, what the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us is that the average American spends only 19 minutes a day reading and that includes emails and blogs. But I still publish posts 2-3 times a week on Chris Brogan.com.

Marsha: Nineteen minutes of reading is a scary statistic to hear as a teacher and worse as a blogger. Your blog posts and newsletters include links to your videos or other materials sometimes. And you teach others how to use other mediums. I’ve watched several videos and listened to many podcasts. One of the things I like about you, Chris is that you are so real. You make mistakes or don’t get upset when they happen. You answered the phone in the middle of your live video, things go on in the background of your videos, and you just explain it.

Chris: Thank you. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to help companies be more real. I’m a great believer in the beauty of perfection, I mean imperfection. See I even said it wrong.  Kind of like it was in Leave It to Beaver. We soften people around our mistakes then we can sink in the spices of our message. What I try to get across to companies now is to build new avenues of approach.

Paraphrased Chris Brogan Interview

Introducing Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan Listens

Marsha: Another thing I admire about you is your ability to sift through all the things we say, and pull out the gist of our problem. Even when we started talking about hobby bloggers and I asked you what one was, you described my blogging to a tee. How do you do that?

Chris: That’s a good question. We bring so much fear into all our interactions. We can’t do this or that because we are too old, ugly, incapable, all kinds of excuses. so we always overwrite, overstate what we’re trying to say.

I’m always trying to find a thread and distill the message from all that.

So when I’m listening or reading, I listen for the secret symbolism or label that signals the gist of what someone is trying to say. There’s a theme.

I’m always trying to whittle down my messages, too. I think Twitter taught me to do that. I was user #10,212 of Twitter, so one of the first. It’s hard to convey messages in 140 characters. It teaches you to be brief. Besides we can write thousands of words that no one will remember anyway. We remember proverbs, tiny messages, aphorisms.

Chris Brogan’s New Book, Multipliers

Marsha: You have a new book coming out, book ten. Tell us a bit about it.

Chris: It’s called Multipliers. It’s how to beat up the big guys, build alignment and empower people after you get them to buy your product so that they either keep using your product or they refer others to you. I want companies to think about why someone should buy something from them.

Paraphrased Chris Brogan Interview

My Rundown and my notes.

Don’t to This, Amateur Bloggers

Marsha: So trying to get people to consider the benefits to others rather than telling people what we think they should hear or buy.

One last question, what is the one biggest mistake that you think amateur bloggers make?

Chris: Not putting material out. Some people go to their graves with thousands of posts not published, things I could have learned from them.

Marsha: You make me reflect on my blogging practices, Chris. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I know you are busy.

Chris: Thank you. I’m not busy. I’m blessed.

Marsha: I know what you mean. I am blessed, too. Thanks again, Chris.

Check out Chris’ blog and his materials.


I hope you enjoyed this brief time with Chris. (I accidentally wrote about my interview with Christ on Facebook and grabbed lots of attention)

However, unlike Christ, Chris has a website and a newsletter.  Like Christ, he answers back and treats you like you are the most important person in his world at that moment. You need to sign up for his newsletter and write to him, first.

By the way, I left all my links on default after talking to Chris. Unlike what some experts advised in the post below, I learned that default links are one way to honor the reader.

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