If you are taking a vacation you might consider taking photography classes or a private photography session to get the best pictures of your wonderful trip.

if you have children on your trip, here is some usable advice from Leanne Cole, a blogging friend/professional photographer from Australia. Practice without instruction means we make the same mistakes over and over.

“You can correct bad photos, but the best plan is to think before you take the picture.”

Avila Barn guy

Leanne’s Pre-photo Advice

  1. The photo is better if light is the same on the face.  Flecks of sunlight on someone’s face detracts from the child’s natural good looks.
  2. Elilminate feet and other distractions in the background.
  3. Bright sun is a killer in photos.  Your eyes go to the brightest part of an image.
  4. Shoot at same eye level as kids.

Post Photo Advice

  1. Crop the picture, but only if you can do it without ending up with a square picture.
  2. Select the light parts-highlights and darken them, and the shadows and lighten them.

Avila Barn guy

Cropping went well.  I used the magic wand to delete the feet in PS 6, and you can see what I got.

  1. I cropped the photo, then resized it to 4 X 6 inches.
  2. I mistook the  Healing Brush Tool for the Clone Tool, so of course, it did not work.
  3. Undeterred I took the Smudge Tool and smeared the legs out of the background.
  4. That was kind of weird, so I weirded out some of the rest of the background as well hoping that people with think I had blurred the background on purpose with the camera.
  5. I added text.

Take home advice from Leanne’s lesson – think before you shoot.  Composition, composition, composition!