Start Email Campaigns, But How?

Pro bloggers recommend that bloggers start email campaigns to increase traffic. Many bloggers use email campaigns successfully.

You may think I have all the answers, but I need your help on this one.

Creating and using email lists are not a project for the weak of heart, definitely not the hobby blogger/author like I am!

I tried it – sort of.

Picture this:

start email campaigns

I am floating down the Email Campaign River in a blow-up raft. Just around the bend beyond the calm spot in the river where I am not is a white water rapid, but I can’t see it.

My guide says in a low slow drawl, “Put on your life jacket and your helmet.”

I complain that the water is so calm.

“Do it anyway!” His voice intensifies.

I put them on.

“Now what?” I ask.

The next thing I know I’m under water going down the rapids without a boat!


start email campaigns

Oooops Picture used with permission of

In other words, I created about 6 auto response emails, just like Jeff Goins suggested. It took me hours days. I can’t lie. They are sitting in Google Docs.


Mail Chimp is connected to my San Joaquin Valley for the Social Studies site, and I have one for Always Write that is not clearly connected.

I can see the rapids. I’ve had a few people request my free book download, So You Think You Can Blog?, but I’m sending the link manually.

start email campaigns

My kind of rafting pace/place.

Hobby bloggers do you want to know how to do this stuff?


I need a life jacket!

Can you recommend how to make this work automatically? If you have an article you’ve written or liked about email campaigning, please post the link in my comment box. If you know a great coach that isn’t too expensive, put his or her name in my box. What’s been your experience using email campaigns?

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