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Unless you visit awesome new blogs every day, you risk falling into the blogging blues like I did for a while. You never know when or where you will meet your next good friend. But you will never meet them sitting at home not reading blogs. Most of the time on Always Write, I’m reading technical blogs about blogging instead of reading real bloggers. There are fewer probloggers than there are hobby bloggers.  Sadly, they are long-winded, and often writing hard to understand stuff.

But actual bloggers, hobby bloggers offer readers a variety of subjects and fresh air. Great bloggers come in all ages, places, sizes, and interests. So shake a leg, get the mud off your feet if you’ve bogged yourself too deeply into life’s issues.

How About a Blog-A-Day Starting Late?

visit awesome new blogs

Look at the little smug smiling. Just look at him. from Chris the Story Reading Ape

It’s never too later. I’m not just a baby boomer. I’m a late bloomer. Mieux vaut tard que jamais was my favorite saying in French class. “Better late than never.” So what if you start March 7th instead of March 1? Nobody is going to lower your grade!

Here are some blogs that have visited me and I reciprocated finding a new friend or I went shopping for friends in my current friends’ comments. I keep a record of them in my transformational journal, which you are welcome to use if you want. It’s free.

I’ll try to start on time next month. But if I don’t if you hold me to it, I’ll start! I’ve wanted to do this for a while, so Christina’s blog was the kick I needed to get me to visit these awesome blogs again, and write this post. 🙂

March 7 Plucking of my Heart Strings Blogging on a variety of things that pluck at the hearts’ emotions & more Cheryl Wright posted her list. So check out her list. This my reading for the last few months.

March 8  Discovering Belgium Denzil Walton is another friend of Carol’s and now mine. A professional writer, he blogs about his country Belgium. He’s also written some great posts about writing.

March 9 Sew Travel Inspired Maria Perez loves to travel and experiment like I do. Since she’s from CA, we met at a travel show. She’s become a great contributor and guide in my blogging experience. We chat often now and administer a Facebook group called Networking Bloggers together.

March 10 Second Wind Leisure Terri Webster Schrandt is a professor at a Sacramento college. She loves photography and has a book out on blogging and photography.

March 11 Mostly Blogging Janice Wald, the EverReady bunny gets more done in a day than the rest of us do in a year. Her tips helped bring me out of the dark ages blogging in 2015. 🙂

March 12 Smorgasborg – Variety is the Spice of Life A blog with a view on books, music, humor and health. Sally Cronin does what she loves, writing books, short stories, Haiku, and blog posts. She has a heart of gold, too.

March 13 Tina Frisco Tina writes, and I don’t have words to describe her writing adequately. It’s almost spiritual the way the words knit together.  AND she writes many genres effectively. More importantly to me, she is such loyal and encouraging friend.

March 14 D. G. Kaye Live, Laugh, Love and Don’t Forget to Breathe I think Debby wrote that last word to remind herself. She jumped into our blogging relationship like a pre-teenaged boy doing a cannonball. Oh yes, and she’s a talented author.

March 15 Traveling Matters to Us Making Sure that Your Travel Handprint Sticks Mel and Suan devote their lives to traveling and to telling their readers about it. They add their own flavor. I just read an article about the good life as a serf. That got me thinking!

March 16 Musing Rants and Scribbles Thoughts on growing up, growing old, and hopefully growing wiser. Laurie Stone must be brilliant. She competes in a Crossword Puzzle Tournament. You may get frustrated with her blog, though. There is no like button, but you can like her FB page.

March 17 Barb Taub Writing & Coffee. Especially coffee. Barb may be the funniest authors I’ve ever read. Don’t read her books or blog during a night flight. She travels and writes. I met her through the Happy Meerkats Reviews.

March 18 KC Books and Music When you click here, you land on Kevin Cooper’s Hello page, orienting you to his blog right from the start. He’s an author and songwriter. On his blog, he features other authors and reviewers. He runs a tight professional ship and responds to comments very personably.

March 19 My Life Lived Full If you aren’t living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space. Joanne Sisco is a friend of my dear friend Sylvia. Joanne, like Sylvia and I, likes photo challenges. I like her pictures and her stories. We are brand new friends, and I look forward to getting to know her better.

March 20 A View from my Summerhouse Share the view with me rain or shine. Sherri Matthews is writing her memoirs, blogging and trying to keep up with friend’s blogs. Oh, that sounds like me. I know you will enjoy her blog. On the post I read today, she featured adorable baby otters.

March 21 Photophile If you love photo challenges, you will love Helen Busche. Her pictures are stunning. You know when Helen visits your blog because she always leaves a comment.

March 22 Andrew Joyce has an enthusiastic following. My new friend Tina Frisco wrote a review of his new book, which she let me repost on Always Write. He stopped by, so I visited back as bloggers try to do. If you like raw adventure, you will enjoy Andrew. The post I started to read is about his youth. I didn’t finish, but I’m going back for the rest of the story.

March 23  Something to Ponder About Writing about travel, traditional art, food, and wisdom.

March 24 Central West Explorer Michelle from Australia is hilarious and publishes as a tribute to Australia.

March 25  Out N About Loving Life on and off the Tracks Miriam from Australia writes all things, Melbourne. I reposted a couple of her posts on my blog

March 26 A Wandering Memory Sharing the Beauty, Mystery, and Adventure of Travel David and Meghan travel the world and keep a detailed record of their extended trips. They are friends with Miriam.

March 27  Badfish and Chips Cafe Travel, Memoirs and Letters Home from Anywhere in the World. Badfish philosophizes and amuses me, but makes me think, too. I think you will enjoy him.

March 28 Coach Daddy It’s All About Fatherhood, Futbol, and Food Eli Pacheco has a great heart and writing style. He is a down-home kind of guy.

March 29 J. R. Biery Janet R. Biery writes prolifically. Her January 31 post pictured 25 books. I can’t even imagine writing that many books, writing a blog and having a life. But she does, and she visits my blog. I’m so impressed by the number of books she published. Now she’s trying to market them. We all know how hard that is! Let’s all buy a book! 

March 30 A. Marie Silver’s Blog Funny with a bit of snark. Hilarious is a more accurate description. Read about her run-in with the IRS scammers. Don’t mess with this mom! 

March 31 The Sassy Grace N Charm Stacey Dominguez blogs on Blogspot, and I met her on Google +. She is adorable and takes life’s difficulties literally with sassy grace and charm. I read stories of her husband’s serious illness and her pregnancy. I read post after post. It was like a serial book.  

 Start Today Visit One Awesome Blog Today

If you visit starting today, you will have made some great friends, and so will they by the end of the month. And hopefully, we can do another post like this next month. Tell them I sent you and tweet one of their posts.

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