Choose Blogs to Visit Part Two in a Three-Part Journaling Series

“I know how to choose blogs to visit, silly Amy Amateurblogger.”choose blogs

“I thought I did too until I talked to Patty Problogger.”

“What does she know about how to choose blogs?”

“Patty is a blog consultant and helps people like us make their blogs better, Halle Hobbyblogger.”

“I’m just killing time reading blogs on my reader, so what?”

“I hear that! I killed tons of hours that way too. Do you HAVE tons more hours to kill, Halle?”

“Well… Maybe not.”


Your Time Is Limited – Choose Blogs to Read Intentionally

When I visit blogs and leave comments, I chose blogs to visit several ways:

  1. Recent commenters
  3. Google + Communities
  4. Facebook Groups
  5. Other Social Media Groups
  6. Friends of friends whose comments I like

Using the Transformational Journal

choose blogs

  1.  Recent Commenters
    1. Depending on how often I visit this site, and for what purpose, I often put name or URL in my Transformational Journal to remember that I visited my friend. If I know them, I don’t need the reflection about their blog, unless I might quote them in a future article. Usually posting their name or URL is all I paste in the journal.
    2. It is good to visit these people when they post. Email is good for this if your inbox does not get out of control, but mine does.
    3. It takes two or three comment exchanges to for me remember a new person. Maybe your memory works better than mine, but research tells us that we need to repeat 50 times to truly learn something. When you comment back and forth on a site you do not have to revisit someone’s site. works differently. You may not carry on a long conversation without reopening their site. With a transformational journal, I record that I visited their post. Having the URLs handy in one place saves a lot of time.
    4. Most important to know: if you do comment on or follow my blog, I will visit your blog in return and leave a comment.
  2. Friends of friends This is a very effective source of new transformational friends. Just like face to face friends, if you like someone, most likely you will like their friends. Sometimes you form a community around that other blogger. Sometimes people visit me for the same reason. If you visit me as a friend of a friend, please introduce yourself as a friend of ___, and I will do the same on your blog. If you use their URL, they should get a pingback. It makes them feel good, too.
  3. Followers Like recent commenters, I want to know how he or she found me. What is he or she like? Sometimes when I visit his or her site, it is so different than mine. I’m baffled that he or she would even be interested in my site. So I ask. When I did a major sweep of all my followers, I made a note if the site was still available. I was amazed at how many people closed their sites, even after a short time. I’m working my way back through 1,400 + followers to see what’s happened to them in the last four years. For example, what is  SuchtheLike doing now? If I spend time on their site, and I record a quote or comment.  Having a journal gives me a reason to stay at someone’s site longer. I am not in a race to see how many I can visit. Instead, I want to remember who they are. The focus is away from me and on my follower. How much time to you typically spend on each site?
  4. Google+ Communities This takes a lot more time, and honestly, I haven’t done much with Google + Communities. I need to have both the Google + and Google Drive open as well as my website. I keep my website open, when I think about it, for when I want to leave a link in their comment box. Since my browser can get pretty bogged down, this is not my favorite choice of finding blogs.
  5. Facebook Groups These are some of my most engaging connections. Most of these people are serious about writing and blogging even though they may be new to blogging. Private groups, which I’ve joined because I’m taking a course or have been invited are the ones where I make my most lasting friends. The manager of public groups often engages as well, but followers seem less responsive.
  6. Other Social Media Groups Even though I like LinkedIn, but I have not found their groups to be as interactive. Many younger bloggers love Pinterest, Instagram. If you have experience with these, leave a comment. One blogger Janice Wald, loves Kingged. I was not able to log in on several occasions, and do not have many friends there, so I have not spent the time to develop it. There are many groups like Kingged for pro bloggers to increase traffic. Have you spent time with them?

Journaling does not take much time, but it helps me narrow down and remember who I liked as well as expand my reading focus.

Visiting blogs is about making intentional choices as you read. I do not have to revisit the ones I do not like. very often, if ever. So I save time over browsing the reader which throws out which bloggers feed it the most posts.

If one of your goals in blogging is to develop relationships, this is a way to listen actively and respond and create your own reader for your own time schedule.

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Tell me what you do as you read blogs. I know people who read 30-60 blogs a day. Some are pros. Some are just awesome people. All of them have tons of loving followers like myself.

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